no advancing only traps

The Squid 68

Ive been thinking of having fun with something like this before mother goddess is a very annoying piece of ice to get around and chimera plays with the goddess very well but to keep her alive through the whole game i was wanting to play only trap sub type ice that way she can never be broken by a non AI and only res the chum for a kill with the data mines for early game other than that i would like all criticism so i can figure if this could be a real thing or not main win is chum in front of data mines with an offer you cant refuse

8 Dec 2015 tiedyedvortex

There have been a number of these Mother Goddess/Chimera decks recently. But they all have the same problem: Faust. The devil gets through Chimera for one card, and Mother Goddess for two.

Unorthodox Predictions is also anti-synergistic with MG because you can only choose "sentry, code gate, or barrier" and in theory the Goddess will have none of those subtypes.

Also, Mother Goddess is unique, meaning you can't have more than one of her rezzed at a time. With that limitation, your deck has effectively four pieces of End the Run ice--the three Chimera and the one Goddess. Inside Job.

Chum+Data Mine has been around since the core set. An Offer You Can't Refuse has made it slightly more effective, but as soon as the runner plays a decoder or AI they can just break the Chum and take one point of net damage...or, they can just give you one agenda point if they're afraid you're trying to kill them. It takes serious mindgames to get the runner to actually take the Offer run, and the best case scenario is just 4 net damage...which isn't normally going to be enough. Remember, taking them down to zero cards isn't a kill, you have to actually take them to negative.