Brain Food

Spoonfunk 182

This was an idea that I had after a Reddit thread about how to make a functional brain taping deck.

So the main concept of course is using brain taping in order to set up and be able to rez a remote scoring server, in the process of taxing the runner repeatedly. Using Sundew, as a bait to force the runner to make the decision to run on first click or give me 2 credits.

Heinlen and ash are for the eventual score. Peak Efficiency is for mid to long game when econ starts to run slow because they have trashed your assets in the grin.

The ice suite is pretty basic, it all revolves around cheap to mid costing bioroids in order to maximize the impact of brain taping and be able to rez off of 1 or 2 credits.

The deck is so far doing pretty well in testing, but suggestions for improvements are always welcome.

12 Dec 2015 blackcaps

Why Sundew instead of Adonis Campaign?

12 Dec 2015 esutter479

I love this concept, no doubt. I tried a ST a while back and didn't have much maybe soon it'll be time to re-try. One thing I saw right off the bat...your point about Peak Efficiency. You're right, it's for mid-late therefore, I'd go down to 2 (maybe even just 1) of it. Seeing it too early makes it kinda suck. Maybe -1 PE, +1 Green Level...could even throw in a Restructure if you're willing to go down to 1 PE. I like the rest of it though, and after I see the Mumbad bioroids, perhaps try again with this ID. :)

12 Dec 2015 aermet69

I love the Sundew tech, that is amazing. May or may not work, but the idea is absolutely great!

12 Dec 2015 Demolishine

What do you think about Enhanced Login Protocol? I think it will work well with Brain-Taping Warehouse.

12 Dec 2015 Dothanite

I played against this on Jnet, and it was a blast. Rezzing things for free with two Brain-Taping Warehouses is no laughing matter, either.

I do agree about lowering the Peak Efficiency to 2 and putting in a different economy card or possibly a Ronald Five for the jank. I saw a Strongbox in the game I played.

@Demolishine: Enhanced actually works against Brain-taping, as BTW give a discount on extra clicks the runner has and ELP takes that away.

13 Dec 2015 Spoonfunk

Thanks for all the great comments!

@blackcaps sundew is mostly in there for 2 reasons the first is that its a great bait asset (because of rp i suppose), most people won't let you have it for too long. The second reason is if I can manage to get 2 remotes up then I install Brain taping into 1 and the sundew into another. Using sundew as bait with brain taping out is a good way to get mileage out of brain taping. I also suppose that soaking up a click at the beginning of the turn is a added benefit.

@Dothanite In my current build I have been using milenge as the extra econ card so far with so so benefit.

My two biggest problems to date seem to be decks that generate a TON of cash (such as au revior decks/shaper tech writer decks) and siphon control. I am attempting to see how the deck does with crisium grid in it to counter siphon but I still seem to have difficulty closing out games thoughts?

13 Dec 2015 FarCryFromHuman

You've got 6 3/2s... maybe Plan B is a way to close out the game? You don't get over-advancement tokens off of it for Project Vitruvius so that isn't great but it does force another run through your punishing servers.

Team Sponsorship might also be a good call. They are must-trash and do real work with 3/X agendas and econ assets, both of which this deck is flush with.

As always, you have to question whether EtF is a better identity choice... Against runners with a lot of cash I think it might be, but you are getting a lot of mileage out of ST with the Brain-Taping Warehouses.

The Mumbad bioroids are going to change a lot with decks like these. A single Jeeves will let you capitalize on turns you want to just install ICE, as well as let you over-advance every Vitruvius you score. Ravana 1.0 will make Hourglass a thing, especially in decks using Heinlein Grid and/or Ryon Knight, plus it is a stupid solid piece of ICE on its own. This archetype is definitely getting some love soon.

13 Dec 2015 Four_Leaf

You should be on 3 ichi, no questions asked. It's one of the best pieces of ice in the game.

14 Dec 2015 Spoonfunk

@Four_Leaf I will include a 3rd and try it out....It has been really impactfull in the games I have played it for a couple different reasons.