Undefeated at London H1#2 CO: PP Kit and the Inversificator

willybn1 130

Rule 1: Keep it simple. Kit’s magic power encourages a ‘run once per turn’ so make that run count!

The idea is straight forward enough …. mulligan for Spark of Inspiration and some cash, and use that Spark to instal one of your decoders to put early pressure on the Corp …. use The Maker’s Eyes and Jailbreaks early and snaffle an agenda or two. Anicam installed with plenty of events keeps a steady flow of econ and a PPVP and Twinning installed mid game maintains multi access cadence. Disruption - use Inversificator’s ‘switching’ as much as possible, swapping central ICE for ones on remotes. If needed instal a second copy or the Engolo to get through 3 deep ICE. In testing I struggled against PE but that was probably more my piloting.

One click to run, three to draw / recover econ – simples.

London H1 CO#2: once again awesome event and great new venue.

Rule 2: Be Lucky. I played two x Azmari and two x Prav.

No point in changing the game plan, so most turns Azmari is going to get their 2 creds and Prav will get their advance. The deck’s balance between installed econ and credit pool limits the credit punishment of Market Forces and Cryptocrash, and my Network of contacts worked well in two of the games. In three games I got ahead with one or two scores and closed the game with a Twinning / TME combo. On the other I Overclocked HQ twice searching for a Boom! as i was ending the turn floating 4 tags and was pleasantly surprised to steal a Bellona FTW.

I am still in shock I won a CO and hats off to Loki37 for the inspirational spark (!)



4 Jul 2023 Havvy

Great result Will, well happy with your result!

4 Jul 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Excellent stuff - always great to see Kit performing well at tournament level!!

4 Jul 2023 Loki37

Delighted to have contributed the Spark that Inspired this deck. Hats off to you for piloting it better than I ever have.

4 Jul 2023 Sauc3

Get in there Will! Congrats on the result, and with such a sick deck!

10 Jul 2023 not_yeti

I lost against this deck in the final round, I'd never seen Inversificator before and I was happy to loose against such a fun card and such a great opponent!

10 Jul 2023 Cliquil

I've been playing something similar, the big difference (besides World Tree being my setup) on my part is that I've used Multithreader to tubo charge the Twinning because it can push on the corp's turn. Have you experimented with/considered a 1 off of those?

11 Jul 2023 DDDydra

I'll be trying this deck on jinteki. looks very nicely made!

13 Jul 2023 lauryfriese

Great result Candy) Crush

14 Jul 2023 albertcostello39

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