Dude, Where's my Nexus?? 2nd NYC (69), 7/8th Philly (55)

dogstew 450

dude where's my nexus

"People like MS Paint memes, right?"

This deck is for :fried_shrimp: only!! Non-shrimpies need not apply.

This list is the result of months of playing and tweaking the Nexus Kate archetype. It (and various earlier iterations of it) made 3 store champ top 4s in 3 attempts (including a win), went 3-1 in Durham, 4-0 in Philly, and 7-1 in New York, for a combined 14-2 in regionals. This deck is definitely not the best deck in the meta right now (especially with the rise of Museum decks), but it is better than people give it credit for and is my baby and I will keep playing it until the meta absolutely forces me to give it up.

Play strategy is pretty simple: mulligan for mopus. Draw like mad to get down rabbit holes and security nexus, lock down R&D. You have standard shaper bullshit to contest rushed remotes, and clot + 2x saccon to clot lock pure FA.

Matchups: It has a very favorable matchup against glacier decks and all flavors of Yellow. It went undefeated against NBN in regionals, having played against fastrobiotic, asset spam, tag storm, and kill decks.

This deck can have trouble with rush decks that run lots of gear check ice, although the matchup is definitely winnable. Against spammy gagarin decks that don't pack a kill threat, I think this deck does fine, especially if you keep shrike in there (more on that later). Against hot tubs, I think it's probably a bad matchup. I've only played against it once (NYC grand finals, I lost), though I mulliganed into an absolutely terrible hand and was outclassed on player skill by my opponent, so it's hard to know for sure.

Super friends IG is far and away this deck's worst matchup. If you don't lucksack into 7 points in the first five turns, you might as well concede.

Card Choices

Most of the cards choice should be fairly obvious. Just a couple notes:

1) Councilman is probably a mistake. The situations where it matters, especially with glacier dying out of the meta, are too few and far between to justify its inclusion. Probably worth swapping it for a third quality time, or a plascrete.

2) Sports hopper is really nice when you struggle to find rabbit hole (which happened in like 5 games in New York), and when dealing with net damage decks. It is definitely not a sufficient replacement for plascrete. If you are seeing lots of meat damage, plascrete is better! Play plascrete instead!

3) Shrike. This was purely a meta call against Gagarin, and was a Mongoose in Philly (don't play Mongoose). I installed it twice: once against HB (it was awful, paying 4 to break Architect is the worst), and once against Hot Tubs (it was fine but insufficient given everything else that went wrong in that game). I think it's an okay meta call if you expect gagarin, maybe against Komainu as well. But, mimic is just all-around better, and unless you're making a gamble on the meta, you should just play mimic instead. In Durham this influence was spent on Vamp, and I didn't bother running a sentry breaker. It was fine in most games, but a major gear check rush deck made me regret that choice.

4) Trade-In. Probably the most common question I get about the deck is whether or not you really need the Trade-In. In short, you do. Don't cut it. It may only matter in 10-15% of games, but in those games it saves you.

5) Deus X. Probably not necessary in the current meta, but I knew @zeromus would be around and I wanted to stuff his IG :D

Final Thoughts

This deck is a blast to play, and can definitely catch people off guard. A surprising number of players will rez Assassin against you even after you're set up, and then have an "oh... shit" look when they realize they vamped themselves for 7. Give it a shot, and look like some kind of cool kid unique deck hipster even as you netdeck!

Props to DC and NYC metas for listening to me variously complain about or praise this deck constantly, and for helping me stay motivated to keep playing it as the meta has shifted away from glacier.


6 Jun 2016 lunchmoney

I dont know what "This deck is for :fried_shrimp: only!! Non-shrimpies need not apply." means.

6 Jun 2016 dogstew

@lunchmoney it's a dumb inside joke, feel free to ignore!

6 Jun 2016 thebigunit3000

This deck is a breath of fresh air. I wasn't sure about its strength at first but it has a surprisingly good FA matchup, and is devastating versus ETF. Once Museum / mch (hopefully) leave the meta, I'll definitely sleeve this one up.

6 Jun 2016 dogstew

@thebigunit3000awww thanks! :fried_shrimp: for life!!

8 Jun 2016 JuneCuervo

Against IG If you have 1x Net Shield, 1x Feedback filter you can't really die to their net damage with Opus in play. Kind of silly bit it locks the game so they can't do anything except try to kill with Ronin, which is probably impossible given that you gain +1 credit each turn you prevent 3 damage and click opus 4 times. Just a thought!

8 Jun 2016 CodeMarvelous

@dogstewso I have been testing this deck, would you consider finding room for New Angeles City Hall in order to deal with breaking news shenanigans, especially Exchange of Information?

8 Jun 2016 dogstew

@Joseki Thanks for the tip! You are quite right. I tested net shield some and found it mostly just delayed my slow death, but I didn't test much of FBF. If you're seeing a lot of IG then I would definitely find room for that package, but I took a calculated risk that there would be very little SuperFriends, which paid off (the one player I came against who was running it was in elims, and as the higher seed I chose to corp).

@CodeMarvelous Hey, glad to hear you've been testing the deck! Big fan of your decklists and videos. In my experience, NACH is entirely unnecessary. Against the SYNC EoI lists that are going around, the goal is to clot lock them into oblivion, so they won't really get a chance to score that BN and land EoI. That said, if the match-up is coming up a lot and you're not feeling comfortable with it, I don't think NACH is a terrible choice. It would also be pretty good tech against Hot Tubs, I think.

9 Jun 2016 CodeMarvelous

@dogstewso this deck is serving me rediculously well. The look of horror on sync player's faces when you play rabbit hole is a treat in and of itself.

9 Jun 2016 dogstew

@CodeMarvelous Great, glad to hear it! Yeah, the Sync matchup is absolutely brutal. Probably your best matchup, other than EtF.

29 Jul 2016 shanodin

So what circumstances do you use Trade-In? Cos I can't work it out!

29 Jul 2016 dogstew

@shanodinDespite my claim that you shouldnt' cut Trade-in, I ended up cutting it from my list for an artist colony! Artist colony is a bit more costly (both because of agendas and because you gotta find room for Fan Site if you really want to optimize it), but is a faster and more versatile tutor. A lot of lists I see floating around today just don't have any way to tutor Nexus at all, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

That said, if you want to still use Trade-in (I don't think it's a bad choice to do so), in my experience it would often get used on sports hopper, RDI, or clone chip. Not a fun sacrifice to make, but it beats never finding your Nexus. Knowing when to use trade-in was, for me at least, largely just about just getting a read on how much pressure the corp is putting on me. If they'd been playing a bit durdly, I'd probably dig more. If the pressure was on, I'd trash something and install nexus asap. I really didn't like to use trade-in on rabbit hole and would it avoid it when I could, but if it's the only hardware you have installed then maybe you have to.