good deck+bad card=my deck (Top6 ICC)

Jai 367

So I literally took the EACC Hoshipko list, thought to myself 'Man, NEXT Activation Command really dunks on this deck, huh' and decided that I wanted to play 1 Leech to shore up the PD/Asa matchup. Couldn't find a card that I liked less than it, so just let it stand at 46. Proceeded to not install it a single time throughout both my testing and the event, so there's that.

In this humble author's opinion, Boat Hoshiko has slightly worse corp matchups than Boat Lat across the board, with the exception of PE, which is extremely favored. The main draw of playing Boat in red is Hippo and Botulus, which if drawn in the right order can highroll any corp out of having a remote server/R&D. Take your pick.

Went 2-1 on the day, playing (as luck would have it) 2 PE piloted by MrBuggles and iceprisma, and losing to lukifer's Sports off a 6 credit FA'ed GFI(!). Ain't even mad about that one.

Thanks to NISEI, the organisers, the stream team and all my opponents for making my first Intercontinentals experience a great one. Also shoutout to the Drop Bears for indulging my odd testing hours and supporting me every step of the way!

ABR friends

Jai out