Good Stuff Zahya 1.3 [Startup]

Slapdash 225

A pretty straightforward deck. Mulligan for money of some kind. You'll wanna get your economy going a little before the run-based econ engine will carry you through the game. Like priming the pump.

In many matchups, face-check a bunch on early ice to make the corp pay to rez. Bukhgalter is probably your first breaker install (a good target for an early Mutual Favor). It's best if you see a Green Orb early, but it's nice almost any time. You need to see a Pennyshaver if you want both orbs and all your breakers out, so keep an eye out for that.

Remember that multi-access is money for you. Try to time your use of The Maker's Eye and Legwork since you've only got 2 of those. When in doubt, draw more. The Earthrise Hotel/The Class Act draw engine is real good, but sometimes the order doesn't work out perfectly. It's OK to click to draw if you need to.