Disco Party [6-0 Euregio]

Vocke 184

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"Anyone else notice the disco party going on in Vokke's R&D?"

What an awesome day.

First of all, thank you René for organizing that splendid day of Netrunner at that tournament in Essen in the Unperfekthaus.

I took this Pālanā deck from @aandries https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/52576/tech-glacier-worlds-top-16 because as I was reading it, it immediatly felt perfect. The traps make Party in the centrals and the ICE ohh the ICE.

Let me give a writeup. First game was against Nils aka @Raven. He struggled with Adam deck to a Crisium Grid on R&D, Find The Truth and R&G key just would'nt trigger. He was playing risky and was rewarded with some accesses, but couldn't find enough agendas. I scored out in a remote and with fast advance tricks to win this game.

Second game against Felix aka @JackMade. He was playing Ken, rebirthing pretty early into Leela; I strongly felt that he was playing Apocalypse and he landed one early. After the Apocalypse he installed eater, I could find a Crisium grid, he trashed it with an Inside Job run, I recurred it with Preemptive Action and managed to find it (or the other one) the next turn again. He was pretty locked out afterwords. Eventually he hit that turn one installed Chiyashi, ate the damage and I finished the game by flatling with Philotic Entanglement. Close win, IP Block did wonders in this game though and installing a Chiyashi turn one on Archives against his late game Sneakdoor, felt just awesome.

Third game against Alex aka @ff0x. Alex dropped (I think it was the 3rd turn) a Paperclip in the bin because he saw a Chiyashi and a Kakugo. I had an Ark Lockdown, rfg'ed it and afterwards he was really struggling to play with his only option: Atman. He first installed it with 1 counter to break Kakugo (installed in a remote), afterwards when i put IP Block in front he reinstalled it with 4 counters to contest the another IP Block in front of HQ, to find agendas. He was going "tag me" after some time. I drew a Medical Breakthrough (2 were in Score Zones) and decided to score first and trash Net Mercure afterwards. Good Decision, because he was running HQ again. With Net Mercure gone, he was pretty soon locked out R&D (DNA Tracker is wonderul in such a situation) and I could win timed. (I think it was 2-4).

Next game: Jan aka @bakunin75. Always interesting to play against Jan, because he is my friend and taught me this game and on top of it: normally he wins every game :) but not this time! :)
He was going with Khumalo. At the beginning he struggled to get set up but after some time, he made a lot of pressure. He had one really lucky access in HQ. I think crisium Crisium was rezzed had 2 Shipments one Snare and one Medical Breakthrough in hand, he of course drew the agenda (it was the second) and was on 4 points pretty early in the game. He was playing Laamb Surfer style with knifed and played Opus' Labor Rights. Strong deck which kept me always sweaty because in lategame he managed to run every turn, so no Shipment triggers were in sight. Over the time though, I found Braintrusts and fast advanced them. He on six points, decided to run R&D instead of HQ, where my winning Medical Breakthrough waited. IAA win.

Then Krystian aka @krystman against Liza. Now that was interesting for me as a Corp. In the last few weeks I was thinking about how to play against Liza properly. This deck does it! It works wonderfully. ICEing up centrals with that cheap stuff, Aiki (you are my true love) and IP Blocks helps you to keep Liza out. No... she won't take 2 net damage all the time, going through Aiki to draw 2 cards. That, even she can't afford. Krystian was also seeing Snares, and Domes. I got rid of a lot of good cards (emergency shutdowns against Anansi), Embezzle against Shipment, Diversion of funds, and a lot of other funny stuff. Having pretty much everything secured, I had enough time to build up and score fast advancing (3 times in a row). Still it was close, I think he was on six points later. I later met Krystian again in the final, read my Geist discription for it.

Last game against Elwin aka @Yakuza. Again Liza. Now this matchup was a blast, after mulligan I had Aiki and IP Block in hand, wonderful! Mandatory was another IP Block, wow. Turn one, all centrals secured. He had it really hard right from the beginning. I also drew a Crisium Grid turn 3, and afterwards he just watched my game. Since the game before he was also pretty unlucky I was really happy to see him still going on place 2!

I hadn't played it that much before, but this deck is a powerhouse. @aandries thank you for sharing this discotheque of Jinteki traps.

9 Oct 2018 MazeBerlin

Good Job!

12 Oct 2018 aandries

Good read - I approve. TRAPS