Noi5e (1st place D.C. ANRPC MAC qualifier)

trafalco 226

Went undefeated (5-0). Pretty standard build, 50 cards is a bit unusual (reflected in the title) but I am very happy with the list.

18 Aug 2015 VintageMustangs

Might want to put in derived from... :P

18 Aug 2015 trafalco

@VintageMustangs: I have no problem giving credit where credit is due, although I did not derive the list from netrunnerdb. I derived this list from kiv's "Party All Knight" list Not sure where he derived his list from.

Kiv is great! I learned a lot about running noise by watching his videos of him piloting this deck. From there I made the changes I thought were appropriate to the current meta and the addition of Faust to replace the Knights and replace Paige Piper with Street Peddler (Kiv also made the same jump)

18 Aug 2015 trafalco

@VintageMustangs: Sorry! Looks like the list is broken, see: for the list I originally used prior to what I have today.

19 Aug 2015 VintageMustangs

Fair enough. Definitely like your variant :)

27 Aug 2015 Jesus_Phish

@trafalco - how do you find this fairs against scorch? Do you not encounter it much? Do you just hold onto the IHW and hope for the best?

28 Aug 2015 trafalco

@Jesus_Phish It actually does very well against scorch. Between HQ pressure with imp and the Ive had worse, if played carefully the scorch kill can be difficult to land. You have to watch out for midseason, so if I am expecting midseason from NEH or other, I will imp agendas instead of score them until it is safe to score.