Bryan visits Jinja City

SubTric 432

This is the modified version of the 'NEXT in line? Bryan Stinson!' deck I posted a while ago, which was inspired by Jandersoncad's Stinson/NEXT deck that was posted from last year. I took that last deck to an SC and did pretty well. Over the following months a tweaked (slightly) and eventually ended up with this (adjusting again when Violet Level Clearance dropped off the radar the other week!).

In testing this deck did insanely well, winning around 80% of games over 36 games online. As such, I took it to the Stockport SC this weekend. Unfortunately, I had a some rotten luck early in the first 2 games and while I made the top 4, I dropped a few games along the way. it went 2-3 on the day, which was a little annoying.

Much of the deck is discussed here if you want to read about the choices and strategy -

Changes include 1x IP Block included and the Roto Turrets removed (they rarely helped me at all). IP Block proved it's worth against the Turtle a few times. Operations are slightly adjusted in light of Violet not being available. I also dropped a Advanced Assembly Lines to make space and added an NGO Front which I feel is obscene and needs to go on the restricted list (thats another conversation entirely) and a Jinja City Grid which is beautiful in any ice heavy deck. I tested more copies but felt they served a different deck structure entirely, so just one is included to help load up the scoring remote.

Overall this is solid. Good ice, lots of installs, heaps of money and at some point the runner will go broke running a huge server then Stinson makes you RICH. I'm still in love with NEXT even though it dropped a few games today (no ice mulligan into 1 ice twice! eek).

4 Mar 2018 SubTric

I have no idea why this is showing as a pre-rotation deck! It's not.

5 Mar 2018 zmb

I would totally go for 3 NGO Front and drop the AAL's especially in a Stinson deck. Making the runner run your Jinja City Grid tower just to get cheated by an NGO can be a massive econ swing that either turns on Bryan or a scoring window. I have a similar deck out of AoT that runs Sandburg. Nasty stuff :) I'm not sure if maybe NEXT is a no-bo with Jinja? You want your ice installed for free, so maybe NEXT thins out this...? Then again I haven't really played a lot of NEXT so may be blind to any obvious synergy :)

6 Mar 2018 SubTric

Having the 2-3 ice down for free at the start anyway makes no odds, you just get that for free without needing to setup the Jinja! I've been finding git excellent. You may be right about the NGO Front, but the free installs are very useful at times from the assembly lines.

I like the Sandburg idea!