Noise: 1st place ChiLo City Grudge Match @ Bluegrass

josh01 1690

This is a Noise deck, not unlike any of my other lists, or anyone else's lists. I change the number of IHW/Cyberfeeder/Daily Casts/Street Peddler based on what is in the meta, and this is where I landed to win today. It might be different in a week.

This deck was 5-0 in the Swiss rounds. Opponents were Gagarin, Astrobiotics, RP, Sync, and Astrobiotics. It was 3-0 in elimination against Astrobiotics, Argus, and RP (my RP, actually). The deck was also second place at ChiLo, as the second place finisher also brought my decks.

I think Noise is the best deck in A:NR atm. He is positive vs every deck. He is extremely easy to win games with. You should (not) play him. They should be considering (banning) him in the next revision to the MWL.

31 Jan 2016 moistloaf

Josh wins more netrunner. No surprise. I like only singleton medium right now

1 Feb 2016 jared.saltz

I'm always torn between Grimoire and Turntable... Turntable has saved me a number of times (NBN, but also the occasional RP and HB). Do you find the mem / utility / Cache credits are worth it in an age of fewer clone chips?

1 Feb 2016 josh01

i'm convinced at this time you want 6 MU and the bonus counters for parasite/cache/datasucker/imp/medium. turntable is good, i always play it in reg anarch, but i think Noise benefits more from grimoire

1 Feb 2016 jared.saltz

Yeah, I've gone back and forth. I need to keep an actual tally rather than just "feels like" and "that one time..."

1 Feb 2016 Badeesh

Grimoire all the way in Noise. 6 mem is critical. Extra tokens are a fabby bonus.

1 Feb 2016 8shanrahan

Yeah I played this deck and got 2nd. It's really good, and I couldn't think of any ways to improve it, so I played it. The game against josh was the only game I dropped all day with this deck. It's busted.

2 Feb 2016 Perry524
2 Feb 2016 Perry524

OH!!! nvm.

4 Feb 2016 The Broken Meeple

Forgive me for a being a little thick as I've not tried out every Netrunner identity especially not the Anarch ones as they've tended to favour a reckless playstyle that I'm not used to, but how do you pilot the deck? Is this trying to be super aggressive, go for the multi-agenda archives grab or something else? Also don't you just rip through your deck too fast to make Faust last long enough?

4 Feb 2016 Spaceman_Spiff

Playing Noise decks often revolves around putting pressure on multiple servers while consistently milling the corp through the game. It's hard to definitively answer how you play this deck, because it's going to change depending on your draw and the opponent. Generally speaking you'll want to do some or all of the following:

1) Pressure centrals with Datasucker and Parasite. Trash ice when the corp rezzes and punish iceless servers with either Lamprey or Medium.

2) Pressure both centrals and remotes with Imp.

3) Threaten any scoring attempt with multiple ways to break in (D4vid, Faust, or Parasite).

4) Mill like crazy. This should be happening with whatever you're doing while playing this deck, although sometimes you focus even more on this aspect. This is again part of pressuring multiple servers. You make the corp either invest resources in defending archives or put them under pressure to find a couple of copies of Jackson just to stop you from "accidentally" winning.

Regarding Faust, you're usually going to either win or lose before you actually burn through your entire deck. Honestly, you'd probably find that about half the time you probably don't even need to install it. It's mostly there so that the corp can't just say "alright, I'll score out behind a Lotus Field". More often you're going to be breaking into servers with Parasites and Datasuckers. Additionally, if you find yourself at the end of your deck then the corp is also almost certainly at the end of theirs - assuming you've been installing your viruses. At that point sometimes the best strategy is just to try and push out a few more viruses to ensure the win.

4 Feb 2016 scd

As a n00b to post-MWL Noise, how necessary is the 1x Clone Chip now? I always dream of finding the room to put Hades Shard in Noise, and while obviously this helps pull out a Clot (or even just threaten the pulling out of a Clot), do you find it's used that much?

4 Feb 2016 Spaceman_Spiff

I'm obviously not Josh, but in my experience Clone Chip isn't a 100% necessity. However, it is probably the best card you can slot for the 3 influence. I'd say that there are probably a couple different cards (like maybe Hades Shard, Scavenge, or even Gorman Drip) that are alright, but in the end you'll find that Clone Chip is just still the better card to include of all those options.

5 Feb 2016 josh01

Spaceman_Spiff has pretty much nailed it. I wouldn't play any card over CC, it's an invaluable tool not only for Clot but for instant speed Parasite, breaker recursion, or just grabbing an important virus.

5 Feb 2016 scd

Thx. I know how useful it was pre-MWL and its usefulness hasn't changed clearly.

5 Feb 2016 schrader

Did you have any issues time-wise, playing both Noise and RP at the tourney?

5 Feb 2016 8shanrahan

I was close on time most games. You have to be able to play quick, as noise and rp tends to drag out games. More games you play, the faster your decision making can be. Caprise Nisei gives you a shot to win every game in RP, but if you are concerned about time, switch to NEH FA. The deck either wins or loses quickly, and the deck can get wins occasionally before the corp sets up.

6 Feb 2016 scd

Took this deck to a 7-person GNK today and went undefeated over three rounds, winning my first ever (small) tournament. Noise!

7 Feb 2016 Linger

This one is owerpowered deck. The only way to win it is 3 Turing + 2 Toolboth and multi code gates in a glacier HB ETF.

20 Feb 2016 Ch40s Th30ry

Thanks to this deck and yours Whole Foots deck I came in 4th at an Austrian Store Championship and got a playmat, so thank you. Only thing I would definitely change is put in Levy for Clone Chip.

22 Feb 2016 leibniz

I won a GNK with a deck based on this, with little changes for my meta read: -1 clone chip, +1 levy -1 cyberfeeder, +1 turntable -1 Scherezade, +2 plascrete (one should be good, but there's lot of murderous thugs here)

Clone chip vs Levy is a tough call. Levy suits me better.

22 Feb 2016 josh01

congrats guys. on levy: i think it's not as good as CC, but a lot of people are on it now

22 Feb 2016 Linger

I have locked myself a few times with this deck without a levy. Smart corporations running multiple strong code-gates which is a pain for Faust. Also a lot of net-damage could lock this deck out as well without levy.

22 Feb 2016 Ch40s Th30ry

Yeah, Clone Chip is obviously extremely helpful, but for this deck I think Levy is simply a necessity.

16 Mar 2016 Milkshakedown

Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question, i'm a new player so please be gentle! I wanted to ask about your comments regarding the inclusion of Cyberfeeder, Daily Casts and Street Peddler as metagame dependent. I understand that I've Had Worse depends on whether you expect to see kill or not but i'm very curious about the factors which would cause you to raise or lower the number of the other three cards. It is something as simple as expecting heavy tagging or something more subtle? I'd really appreciate any insights on this.

16 Mar 2016 scd

I can't speak for anyone else, but for me those slots are dependent on what I do with the IHWs. Peddler is for me dependent on the ratio of installable cards to events -- if I'm running more IHW then there is a greater chance I'll lose one of those to a Peddler. I consider instant Parasiting a nice bonus of Peddler in this post-MWL era so that's a a factor too.

18 Mar 2016 Milkshakedown

Thank you @scd that's really helpful!

20 Jun 2016 Cloudccl

What do you do vs sea source, midseason, 2 breaking news vs Haarpsichord Studios and NBN in general :/ I think the mu vs Fa is fairly decent but so many people play the above decks in my meta and I don't see how I can win vs them. They are always gonna have more money to sea source me and if I don't steal an agenda I can't win vs midseason :/ With no employee strike and film critic how do you deal with such decks?