Bullshit NEH.

Calimsha 2823

This is a good deck, and probably the best you can get out of NBN post MWL. You should play it.

2 Feb 2016 rojazu

Thoughts on -1 show -1 fast track +2 mumba temple?

2 Feb 2016 Saan

2 Fast Track is amazing. It would take me a lot to go below 2, personally, but I'm not Calimsha. I know the ICE requirements for Mumba are met, so you can run it, but I'm not sure that sacrificing speed for cheaper rez costs are what NEH needs. Interesting thought, though.

2 Feb 2016 Alsciende

What about swapping Sweeps Week for Mumba Temple then?

2 Feb 2016 Calimsha

Not worth it. Everything except Sansan and biotic are super cheap to play. This deck need more burst econ, not less.

2 Feb 2016 timfast

Is 3 explode worth it over 2 GFI? The GFI plan lowers your agenda density, and NEH is always weak to r and d attack, and you get an additional card slot which could be a booth or just another turnpike (I think turnpike is pretty great if Noise is the main threat).

2 Feb 2016 Calimsha

Having 3 more hedge fund in your deck and 2 more inf is more valuable than the lone booth that won't be able to tax enough alone. I've tried agenda distribution with GFI and it was worse than exploda.

2 Feb 2016 spags

Nice deck.

2 Feb 2016 Calimsha

@spags isn't it ? I've made a good impersonation of Scoot Pogs with this list :)

2 Feb 2016 gumonshoe

Full Disclosure

I think NBN is weak right now. I think this deck is super hard to play correctly. And I think that if you want to beat it the runner deck builds are pretty easily known. I also should let you know that most people disagree with my assessment because they've been winning with this deck and my position is not agreed with in the general competitive environment.

Here it goes anyways

This deck is a decent meta call against Fury Road and any number of slow runner decks that don't know how to set up in time in the new MWL meta. It can duck and dodge siphons like a champ. Less clone chip means its harder to clot lock the thing. And it's got enough money and dig to close out a game before the runner realizes they've done everything wrong.

But this deck is pretty simple to beat. It means throwing away a lot of your tricks and just going faster. You want to have your important breakers accessible by turn 2 or 3 at the latest. You want to keep SanSan city grid off the board. And you want to multiaccess HQ before the corp starts scoring out. After that you should be able to medium lock or R&D lock with green cards and just win.

The deck is extremely reliant on biotic labor in the scenario above. That card is only a 2 of. And that means that they have to luck into getting it and an astro before you snipe it from them. After that so long as you can access enough on R&D to keep up with DBS you need not trash anything other than more SanSans and jacksons.

Its important to check anything face down behind ice in a remote. And you should be ready to close in on that in a moments notice. Beating this deck requires an aggressive runner and play style, but it also means knowing what to ignore.

Special Offer: Give them the money. Let it go away and never deal with it again. Their money won't save them.

Swordsman: If this is a problem for you its because you aren't playing enough mimic/parasite. This card as a 1 of should not be a problem.

Little Engine: Keeping a credit lead or having enough cards to faust is important. D4 is a good secondary condition so that you have the money to trash SanSan. You're probably happy most games that this gets rezzed if you're playing correctly with good cards.

Team Sponsorship - This is the only card that can really compound your problems, potentially recurring sansans. But its a tier 3 concern. When you have money it may be worth trashing, but its not a high priority in the early game. SanSan is the priority.

I'm 4-0 vs this deck. Its very good vs the laggard. Not so much vs faust + cake and a decent multiaccess vector.

3/5 would not play in a tournament.

2 Feb 2016 spags

Wow. Was this really worth the time out into this, Brian?

Good form. smh

2 Feb 2016 gumonshoe

@spags I don't think its problematic to point out how to strategically run against this deck. I have a lot of experience losing playing builds like this. And I have enough experience beating them.

I think its probably the best that fastro can be right now. And it will win games; but, if this is the best fastro can do I'm not interested.

And its always worth my time to share my knowledge.

2 Feb 2016 Bigguyforyou518


alt text

Okay, I'll bite.

The only thing this deck needs to do is score an early Astro. It's filled with extremely cheap ice that are not only gearcheckers, but they're also Faust middle fingers (Wraparound, Little Engine, Archangel). If you actually manage to lock down their remote immediately, you will be too broke to trash their Daily Business Show, too broke to trash their Team Sponsorship, and most likely too broke to R&D lock them.

Obviously you can't snipe Biotic Labor itself except with a lucky Imp or something, so what you're saying is you need to R&D lock them from even seeing an Astro (through ice, NEH Draw, Jackson draw, DBS draw) while chain-trashing a protected SanSan in a remote.

Show me a deck that can do this consistently without neutering itself to the rest of the meta.

2 Feb 2016 gumonshoe

@Bigguyforyou518 Sometimes you have to roll the hard six. If you're leaning on faust, pay the cards to get through the ice. Its what you should do anyways. Little Engine will pay you to trash the sansan. Don worry bout DBS/TS/Pad.

hard six

2 Feb 2016 gumonshoe

if you want a deck list, see blue berry pancakes in my published list. i dout\bt its the only one and its taken practice, but thats how i do it

2 Feb 2016 Bigguyforyou518

@gumonshoe The remote will break you one way or the other. If you're relying on Faust, then paying 5+ cards to check what's behind a Little Engine is breaking your card economy (which is probably more important to your deck than your economy). Yes, MaxX Wyldside gets 3 cards for free every turn, but just like a more conventional deck with , your remote checking is stopping you from doing other things. Your multiaccess, your ice destruction, your win conditions are all getting burned to keep that remote down.

I agree that fast decks absolutely stand the best chance of victory here, but I don't think a simple change of playstyle is going to dramatically reduce Fastro's win%.

2 Feb 2016 gumonshoe

@Bigguyforyou518 In the narrow LE branch, you're making 5 credits each swing which usually allows you to just draw up after making your run to recover the next turn. And you don't camp an LE, you just make sure there aren't any agendas or sansans sitting behind it. After the first few turns you have to transition to central pressure. That's just the way it is.

2 Feb 2016 x3r0h0ur

I use this one weird trick to beat Fastro. Its a virus, but when clot sees what it does, it'll lose its mind.


2 Feb 2016 podoboyz99

@gumonshoe @Bigguyforyou518 The matchup between this style of deck and Devils Cake decks depends on 2 things

1: Player skill

2: Tech cards

Depending on whether ethier deck has Scrubber, TS, Little Engine, or Legwork can make or break the matchup. That said, I think that if both decks are etched against each other, Devils Cake has the advantage.

2 Feb 2016 Saan

@Calimsha So we chatted for a bit a while ago on jinteki, and you were saying that you prefer 2x Breaking News over 1x Breaking 1x 15 mins. Has something changed your mind, or are you up to some next level mind games shit here?

2 Feb 2016 Calimsha

@Saan : I'm still not set. 15 min also have some upside like baiting clot, or not having to flush it out with jackson if it got milled by noise.

3 Feb 2016 frost-duty

Interested in the lack of Shipment from SanSan, seems like a useful include given the huge number of siphon decks floating about. Why did you not include it?

3 Feb 2016 timfast

Does this deck want a blacklist if the meta is Maxx and Noise heavy?

3 Feb 2016 Calimsha

@frost-duty: Siphon spam deck either can't reliably trash your asset spam and land siphon at the same time (Maxx), or are way too slow to make the siphon relevant before it's too late.

Beside, with 12 hedge fund in the deck, it's pretty easy to bounce back. The main reason for playing SfSS before MWL was to bait the clot in the PPVP Kate Matchup, being able to score from 0 vs siphon deck was just a good side effect.

@timfast: At worst for the runner, it's 1 click and either 3 creds or an imp token to deal with the blacklist since there's no way you could reliably protect it vs faust decks. You don't want to play cute narrow card in a competitive deck. You want cards who can both advance your own gameplan and slow down the runner. In case of blacklist, the only way it can actually help the corp is by drawing a card when you play it. Not worth the deckslot.

3 Feb 2016 timfast

Not sure I follow this. If the thought is that assets are bad if they get trashed then why play any assets at all. I pay 0 you pay 3, is better for the corp than I pay 2 you pay 4 but we still play DBS, and obviously that can get imped to.

Also it feels like blacklist is so powerful an effect vs Maxx that you can make her run through any ice you want, so the real trash cost can be pretty high. Finally, you've got swordsman, and blacklist makes that way more threatening if you can snipe a faust then keep it in the bin.

3 Feb 2016 Calimsha

@timfast: that kind of situation only happens in magical wonderland where you got the perfect draw in the right order. I'm not gonna play a card who don't do anything for me as a corp. Blacklist is at best 1 card draw on the corp gameplan. It can somehow helps vs some matchups but those matchups aren't 100% of the field either.

We all tried to play blacklist in a tons of yellow deck and I can assure you, 90% of the time, it's not worth it.

It's a card you can't tutor with the current influence spread and who do basically nothing except let you draw a card more than 50% of the time. Even when it works, it's at best a small speed bump because there's no way you could make blacklist stick vs good players playing good decks.

You can try to play blacklist if you want, but I can already tell you that after 5-6 games, you will just cut it for something better and universally more useful.

6 Feb 2016 just_rob

Just wondering what your thinking behind turnpike is, I like it as an ICE, but how are you ideally trying to use it?

7 Feb 2016 Ajar

I took this to Mead Hall and went 4-1 in Swiss and 1-1 in the cut with it. 2nd after Swiss and 5th after the cut out of 48 players.

spags.dec is still good.

7 Feb 2016 Calimsha

@just_rob: it's just a poor man architect. NBN sentry option sucks. I know @spags is on raven instead. Do the same thing most of the time.

13 Feb 2016 Shielsy

thoughts on Paper Wall over Resistor? The hard ETR and 1 str can really help against parasite anarchs on turns 1-2.

22 Feb 2016 leibniz

I won a GNK with this, -1 PAD, +1 Cyberdex. Won 4 of 5.

22 Feb 2016 Rodge

Tweaked this with -3 Special Offer for +3 Pop-up Window and -3 PAD Campaign for +3 Marked Accounts (I find people always trash PADs, no-one likes to trash MA) for Store championship.

Went 4-0 in Swiss, lost in top 4 because I'm too lazy to properly read opponent's cards (he had a Sacrificial Construct to protect his Clot!)

It is a nice deck, but very susceptible to not finding Astro early and also to R&D lock. It's main power is people being worried about it being a kill deck.