Apex dinner time

codychilton13 36

Took this to a store championship filled with "current meta" decks. Only lost 2 games all day! when in doubt, lockdown R&D.

Cyber-Cypher for Turing, mute the brain damage from Brain cage with Heartbeat, the rest plays itself, BE AGRESSIVE!!

4 Mar 2016 Phoenix

Looks good, although

1) What's your Swordsman solution? Lots of that flying around at the moment.

2) With all the damage decks around, why not I've Had Worse instead of Diesel? Cound maybe drop 1 of the Plascretes then for an alternative card?

4 Mar 2016 Myriad

I also wonder if Refractor might not be a slightly better call than Cyber Cypher, especially since you are already on Ghost Runner.

Refractor breaks central Turings effortlessly.

Was Dyson worth the slots? Seems okay, but might be improved with Q-Coherence. You aren't going to be trashing programs that often aside from Habinger and the memory will probably just be your switch hitter memory, sitting in play until you can get either your code gate buster out or faust. That is assuming you rarely play both.

Also the x1 R&D interface could probably be swapped out for something else, but not sure exactly what. Turning Wheel seems like it would improve this deck when it is released.

I am hoping we can see a few new builds out of apex once the shaper's memchips and the Hopper are released. Would love to be able to pull off Keyhole or Opus Apex.

4 Mar 2016 codychilton13

@Phoenixswordsman solution and reason for no I've had worse is mostly heartbeat, and since endless hunger isn't an AI breaker I don't have to worry about him getting trashed.

4 Mar 2016 codychilton13

@Myriadthe rdi could go but I do enjoy keeping it in just in case I commit on locking down r&d. Turning wheel is in the plan when it is released though! Good call! The Dyson honestly are an alternative to making things like assassin cheaper-ish and still getting the memory for when I finally find faust. If I don't then them in games they are just endless hunger food.the refractor call will be taken into effect for testing ASAP because that's a great idea!

5 Mar 2016 Dothanite

Cody Chilton, I heart you. I'm proud of your awesome Apex, and I'm glad I get to see your most current deck list. I'll have to play round with this when I get home today!

6 Mar 2016 lolpaca

Noice! Gonna give this a go with +1 Refractor, +1 Ghost Runner, +1 DDoS, -1 Cyber-Cypher, -1 Hunting Grounds, -1 R&D Interface.