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4 Sep 2017 YankeeFlatline

sunny cr decks are so brave

4 Sep 2017 FightingWalloon

"Brave" is one word for it.

The deck was a bad meta call, but here is the thinking that went into the choice. Last round, SYNC was very strong and I expected Obokata to give Jinteki a goose. I thought Sunny had some things that made her good vs. each of those. I also thought having the option to play Employee Strike might help. (As you can see in this list, I dropped them before the end of the tournament because they just were not doing any work for me.) I did not anticipate Moons in Cache Refresh, which is silly because Moons is so good. Also, it turns out that Sunny is still super slow.

If I were still playing this deck, I would experiment with tossing the Nexus and her breakers and going for an AI-centered build. Her rig is just so expensive to set up that she cannot sustain any pressure at all and without the massive late-game drip that regular Sunny has, she cannot really create a strong late-game either.

All in all, whether it was brave or not, it was not a good choice for this tournament.