Moon lite Knight.

Vol 60

So I have been working on this deck for 2 years now and with the addon of Cybernetics Court made this deck just pop. It will hope you find your combo faster and make HQ runs very weak.

There are so many combos in this deck that it's not funny. How ever the main combo with this deck is "Merlin" and "The Twins". Having Merlin in play with The Twins under it and then another copy of Merlin in your hand allows for the following combo:

●Runner runs at this server.

●Rez both Merlin and The Twins.

●Rezing Merlin will trigger Foundry to find another copy of Merlin.

●Revel 2 Merlin from your hand adding 2 more subs.

●If this does not kill the runner use The Twins to trash a copy of Merlin from your hand to make the runner encounter the last ice just passed.

●Runner is encounter Merlin again (fun fact is this Merlin keeps the subs you added from the first encounter)

●Revel 1 Merlin from your hand to give a total of 4 subs.

●If the runner passes the Merlin ice again just trash your last copy of Merlin from hand to repeat.

This combo becomes insane when you add a over scored Project Vitruvius.

●The first time you use The Twins to trash a Merlin use your one counter from Project Vitruvius to bring it back into your hand.

This will as one more Sub to your Merlin in play and will also make it so he has to encounter that ice one more time.

This will also be your scoring server and Corporate Troubleshooter in the server for safety. More minor combos with this deck will be

Accelerated Beta Test and The Foundry: Refining the Process.

Cybernetics Court and Jackson Howard.

Executive Boot Camp and The Foundry: Refining the Process.

IQ and Cybernetics Court.

16 Mar 2016 ShinShin

Cybernetics court Grail is freking cool.