Future Foods

KaneKalos 72

Tax your centrals. Hives over scoring remote. Mushin No Shin a GFI behind your Hives (FP if you're a little more confident that they won't make it through.) and score next turn. Bluff a couple IAA Allele behind your remote to get trashed ice/Econ back and as an excuse to rez your hives over time instead of all at once on the run with an agenda. Underway Grid on your remote will halt a lot of Criminal support. Caprice will do her thing. Rinse and Repeat and then you win!

17 Mar 2016 StarryVeck

Can't Mushin a card in behind a piece of ice unfortunately, Mushin requires a new server. So you can get that agenda behind a single piece of ice (installed with your last click) at best. So perhaps another Mushin would make this combo more likely?

17 Mar 2016 esutter479

What Veck said. -1 Caprice, +1 Mushin, IMO.

17 Mar 2016 KaneKalos

@StarryVeck @esutter479 Right. I always forget about those little bits. First GFI is scored out of the Mushin/Hive as early as possible. And then if I'm lucky I might be able to ice up the scoring remote enough to further protect it with Caprice and Underway and go for the good ol IAA behind the scoring remote. I'll go with -1 Caprice +1 Mushin for a better chance to pull the combo early. Thanks!

17 Mar 2016 FarCryFromHuman

I play a similar deck and have started running a pair of Fast Track. It really helps secure that turn 2-3 score which puts immense pressure on the runner. With only 6 agendas in the deck I find it too difficult to score before the runner has a formidable rig out.

Allele Repression + Jackson Howard seems like overkill, but I might be missing an interaction there other than Caprice Nisei recursion.

17 Mar 2016 KaneKalos

@FarCryFromHuman Jackson is strictly for draw and agenda control while I use Allele to bluff IAA behind a scoring remote after getting the first agenda and recurring Caprice/Underway/Hedge or trashed ice if Im playing against cutlery.

17 Mar 2016 KaneKalos

@FarCryFromHuman Fast Track seems useful. What should I cut?

17 Mar 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Maybe Allele Repression, even though I understand your reasoning for it. I'm trying to find a way to squeeze Underway Grid into my deck ATM, Inside Job has been killing me.

17 Mar 2016 KaneKalos

@FarCryFromHuman My exact reasons for including Underway. I want to include Fast Track, but I can't see myself cutting more than one Allele and a one of Fast Track wouldn't help me near as much as a consistent Allele. Will mull it over though to find room for a couple Fast Track because I feel like an aggro approach for this deck would be efficient and your point of getting that second/third turn Mushin score is pretty crucial for that strategy.