Good Guy Gagarin: 1st Place Undefeated BRGC SC

Ironcache 708

The Tournament

This placed first in a 14 person SC at the Board Room Game Cafe in Halifax, Canada. The tournament format used was 5 rounds of Swiss with no cut.

This deck had 4 wins and 1 timed win. The write-up is long enough as is, so I'm not going to go into the match-ups. If anyone has any questions about it, feel free to post.

Its counterpart in the tournament is here.

The Deck

I'm going to skip the discussion about most choices in this deck; Gagarin asset-spam is a template that's been around for a good while and most of it doesn't require too much explanation.


The first thing that people will want to know; at the tournament, I did not play against any Whizzards. That said, I'm not convinced it has an overwhelming advantage against this deck; like many asset spam decks, I'm often installing several assets a turn, and he can't trash them all with his recurring credits (or any really; almost everything here is going to cost 4+ w/ Gagarin passive).

What's New?

The second thing I want to talk about is what's new: Mumbad Construction Co. and New Construction are both savage cards. I think, with this recent addition to Weyland's arsenal, they are actually shaping up to the point where they're competitive with top-tier decks from the other factions.

Mumbad Construction serves chiefly as a relatively cheap mechanism for fast advancing out any agenda (for Hollywood: install; advance; advance; 6c for 3 Mumbad tokens). It also has a secondary use in this deck as a means of gaining more off of GRNDL Refineries. I would wager this is going to become a very popular include in Weyland decks.

New Construction essentially makes your advancements only cost 1c instead of 1c and a click; you almost always want to install assets with this deck.

How to Play Netrunner

Use your ICE to protect HQ, R&D, Mumbad Construction Co., and a single Museum. If you feel like you're safe from Clot, you can install and advance your agendas in a naked server, and finish them off with Mumbad Construction Co.; otherwise, you can either put them in an ICE'd server, or use tokens off Construction Co. solely instead of advancing (which means they will never get a window for Clot, provided it isn't already down). You will almost never put dedication on a public agenda; it is reserved for your GRNDL refineries and Construction Co..

Other Notes

  • I feel like attempting to import any tagging theme/scorch into this deck is a trap. Everything that's in this deck serves a purpose, and removing anything to put in a (IMO) weaker tag theme will likely hurt the deck.
  • Be very cautious about playing Hostile Takeover, and consider removing it entirely; shutting off your Gagarin passive with a bad pub is dubious, and hurt me more than the 5c + 1 point helped me in some situations.
  • This note is probably obvious to more veteran players, but if you're really concerned about Whizzard, consider Hostile Infrastructure and/or Encryption Protocol.
20 Mar 2016 Lykosidae

New Construction can only install cards into a new server, so sadly you can't ice up existing remotes or centrals, but with this many assets I'm sure you'll still have plenty of fodder to play out and maintain tempo from the Turtlebacks.

20 Mar 2016 Ironcache

You're right; fixed that in the write-up. I don't think it came up in the tournament; as you said, with this many assets and Turtlebacks, I almost always used it to go horizontal.

20 Mar 2016 Ironcache

You're right; fixed that in the write-up. I don't think it came up in the tournament; as you said, with this many assets and Turtlebacks, I almost always used it to go horizontal. It did whiff a couple times, but it was still a very useful card.

20 Mar 2016 Maarley

Great Gag deck. So tough to play against (I was the first victim :) Great to play against ya in the tourney. That 20 credit GRNDL from Mumbad Construction Co. sealed the deal....

20 Mar 2016 Lykosidae

Indeed, I've been playing something similar but fewer assets and more operation econ as my way to fight the Whizzard battle. I ended up going with Project Atlas over the Construction's myself, as all the face-up shenanigans can make people forget those remotes can hold never advance agendas as well.

Getting the GRNDL's off is so satisfying, and I've got a copy of Contract Killer just as something spicy to fight the inevitable Kati and keep the Faust decks honest if they go too low breaking into a server.

Did you have any issues with Clot or Medium without a CVS? I'm guessing no from your write-up, but I haven't been able to let go of the safety net it gives me just yet.

20 Mar 2016 Ironcache

@Maarley Thanks man! It was great playing against you. That Spark deck was also mean. Poor (literally) Jes wasn't able to pull it off that match.

@Lykosidae Medium did come out in a couple of the games I played. In one case it was mitigated by having a Tour Guide on R&D (they had given up on trashing my resources, so Tour Guide was jacked), along with a Caprice. The other game it came out it didn't see any use, because my opponent face-checked an Ichi he couldn't break, resulting in him losing his sentry breaker and not able to get in on any of my R&D as a result.

20 Mar 2016 Ironcache

@Lykosidae With respect to clot, Mumbad Construction Co. makes Clot a non-factor. If you're worried about them putting it out between you installing and advancing, just never advance and use the Construction Co. instead (w/ Dedication Ceremony if necessary). You have priority in action windows on your turn, so you can install it, fully advance it, and score it before they ever get a chance to pull off Clot tricks.

If clot is already on the table, just purge it the old fashioned way.

20 Mar 2016 Lykosidae

My main Clot concern is the window between Dedicating the Construction Company and installing an agenda, but I suppose that makes them expend the Clone Chip at least before the agenda is vulnerable. I'll give it a go without and see how well it churns along.

20 Mar 2016 Ironcache

@Lykosidae yeah you're right they can get it to the point they can stifle you a turn with it. But they can't ever catch you with the agenda in a vulnerable position, which is the problem the big problem that other FA mechanisms have.

It's annoying to have to throw a turn to remove Clot, and maybe slotting CVS is the right call (after all, it would help with other viruses too), but it hasn't proved to be annoying enough to me yet to warrant replacing anything else in the deck.

20 Mar 2016 CJFM

Great to see this build do well! Gratz on the win!

21 Mar 2016 Johnny Polite

Do you think 2 of Mumbad Construction Co is enough in a 54 card deck with no interns?

21 Mar 2016 Ironcache

The problem is deck space really. The ice cannot go lower than it is already. My justification for going 2x construction over 2x anything else is that it's a card that ideally I want some ground work laid down for before I rez. I want an iced server with a mumbad to prevent me from needing to break the bank to bring it up. With 15 ice in a 54 card deck, and the need to ice my centrals, being able to commit ice to the remote doesn't often happen til a handful of turns in. Everything else in the deck is fine solo.

21 Mar 2016 Ironcache

Sorry, that should read I want an ice to put on the construction co., and also a mumba temple to help rez the construction co. cheaper.

22 Mar 2016 rhoerus

Just wanted to say, great deck, I'm working on a similar version with a different tack. One thing I noticed, I think you talked about advancing Hollywood Renovation to place advancement tokens on Mumbad Construction Co, and then moving those counters onto Hollywood? If so, I don't think that's a legal move. Hollywood Renovation can only place advancement tokens on a card that can be advanced. Mumbad Construction Co cannot be advanced.

Something I've noticed with all these Weyland cards, there are so many different flavors of advancement token things, between faceup, 'can be advanced' etc etc, it's a minefield in terms of what can be done.

22 Mar 2016 Ironcache

@rhoerus I never insinuated you could place advancement tokens on construction with Hollywood. The only point I talked about Hollywood was when I said you could FA it with construction co.. In order to do it legally, as you mentioned, construction co. would need at least 3 counters on it beforehand.

That said, since it's been brought up, Hollywood renovation did do some work during the tournament. I had a 9 strength fire wall, several free wormholes, and, at one point, a 5 point double-score, all thanks to Hollywood.

6 Apr 2016 The Broken Meeple

I'm down on caffeine this morning and very tired so excuse me if I sound stupid writing this! :P Can you clarify your numbers on how they work from this comment?

"New Construction essentially makes your advancements only cost 1c instead of 1c and a click; you almost always want to install assets with this deck."

I don't quite get the 1c thing, like I said I might be just so tired this morning I can't see the obvious! :P But glad to see Gag get more love, it's my favourite Weyland identity but it's had a hard life.

6 Apr 2016 Ironcache

@The Broken Meeple An advancement normally costs 1 credit and 1 click, but, with the asset spam archetype, you're normally looking to use that click to install an asset anyway. So New Construction, in a way, takes the click cost associated with advancing away, leaving just the credit cost.

This will be even more true with the new Sensie Actors Union card. I feel like it has a good place in Gagarin (I haven't played this archetype much since the SC, but someone in my local meta is playing a similar deck type with that included and seems to be doing well with it).

6 Apr 2016 The Broken Meeple

Cool, makes sense now I've had some tea and food! :P Those new political cards are great, I haven't seen a single dud one. Did you consider the Weyland version for this deck as a money earner?

7 Apr 2016 Ironcache

Yeah Commercial Bankers Group definitely has a spot in this archetype. Again I haven't really toyed with it since the SC, but all of the politics are worth consideration (less Bio-Ethics Association most likely; seems like it would be better to just make the standard IG deck that everyone and their dog has been making, if your going to go that route).