Hacker Mom 4.0, Back in the office

pang4 795

"Mommy, can we go to the Gagarin museum on your day off?"

"I'd love to, honey, I'd love to."

I think the metagame is finally ready to welcome back Sunny into the spotlight. Corps are responding to Faust by playing slower, more taxing styles of decks. And we can respond to this by playing everyone's favourite hacker mom. The woman who cannot be outtaxed, who thrives on the lategame, who cares not for your Tollbooths and Ash's. Sunny returns.


We're running the typical Sunny-powered Resource-economy suppremented by Career Fair, and not much needs to be said about it. The drip lets you stay ahead of the trash-game so many decks force you to play these days.

Self-modifying Code is our breaker-tutor of choice, as opposed to Special Order. It saves us a click, can be paid for using Multithreader, and can find other Threaders if your rig is online.

Globalsec Security Clearance serves a s R&D-pressure. I have to say, I underestimated this card before I started playing with it. We can make a free pseudo-run on R&D each turn, and of there is an agenda there, go get it. It's worth pointing out that this card got significantly worse with the release of Museum of History, since the museum lets them shuffle R&D and naturally draw agendas. However, we have a great museum matchup, since those decks rely on outlasting you, and nobody outlasts Sunny and her amazing drip engine.

Security Nexus is, as lots of people have discovered, the actual nuts. Just remember to not run last click, as you might get a tag if you decide to forfeit the trace.

Political Operative does a lot of things. It lets us have a weapon against a SanSan that slipped through the net, it stores a click we can use to trash a Museum before they get a chance to use it, and it helps out in case we face the dreaded Caprice.


In your earlygame, you need to run. Seriously. You may set up a bit faster if you don't, if you spend another click drawing or installing, but you can't just give they corp free turns. Jak Sinclair is strongest here, letting you check remotes with impunity and forcing the corp to rez ice on their centrals.

When you have a couple of breakers and your Nexus online, along with some drip, you can settle into a rythm. Draw, install check a server, click Kati. Now, you can camp remotes until your heart's content, trash stuff with your drip econ, and keep building your board.

Finally, your endgame is with you having a Security Clearance, your HQ Interfaces, your Threaders and a complete set of breakers along with your Nexus. You're pretty much only losing to FA at this point, so punish HQ mercilessly while your Clearance checks R&D and your drip allows you to trash assets.