Issuaq tag and win [Startup]

Victor_Joseph 27

Protect R&D, or else lose to enterprising runners stealing your 5/3s. Use Chekists to add pressure on the runners for when the Shipment from Vladisibirsk is drawn. Reset and Spin Doctor the Shipment, Chekists, and Planograms for econ. Keeling and Bladderwort to push runner off balance. The key is to have the runner hit ambush after ambush.

29 Mar 2023 Oddball

I tried something similar, but with Orbital Superiority and Chekist Scion.

After a lot of testing, I ended up shifting towards a PE version of the deck eventually and found it was a lot more credible/threatening.

29 Mar 2023 Victor_Joseph

PE would be a better corp ID for something like this, certainly. But, I suppose, I wanted to see if I could make a less useless version of Issuaq.

29 Mar 2023 Oddball

I also had some luck with the 2/1, [[Hybrid Release]] with Mitosis if you keep hitting them with traps!

30 Mar 2023 Victor_Joseph

Indeed! But I wanted to keep the agenda list short so that they arrive after I have worn down the runner's will. Hence the three Send a Message.