pure logos leela (1st place Florida Regionals Dogs of War Ga

maestro 797

"Feel the rythym, feel the crime, run hq it's siphon time" (preferably in a Jamaican acccent).

This is the deck that carried me through Florida Regionals in swiss and past the cut all the way from 8th seed. The deck is the culmination of about a month of gushing over how good logos is now that desperado was patched out of the game. Logos Leela has always been a thing due to how powerful it is when comboed with her id ability, however the deck had serious problems dealing with scoring upgrades, especially caprice. This all changed however when political operative dropped and now it has at least a decent matchup against even the most glaciery of glacier builds.

How the deck runs:

This deck is at once both classic criminal and also a bit more modern. The deck can keep immense pressure on the corp with a strong economy, powerful run events and Leela's unprecedented ability to snowball in the early game. It also is fairly good at sitting around applying pressure by just the board presence of logos and Leela. She can lockdown remotes and attack archives as well. Unlike the large amounts of Leela decks currently out right now, you do want to run early with this Leela. She really shines at early HQ pressure because she causes serious dilemnas for the corp when it comes to rezzing hq ice. however, the primary driving force of this deck is taking advantage of the opponent's scores. By bouncing ice and searching the deck for a card of your choice, unless the corp is 4 ice deep on every server you can put serious pressure on the corp the next turn that more often than not leads to both a score and a severely tempo drained corp.

Why are you not running...

Gang Sign HQ Interface

this type of Leela can be very powerful even without the turntable. It really works well against glaciers that cannot find jackson and can really lock corps out of games. When I tested it however, I always felt that I needed economy more than I needed more HQ pressure. the deck already runs 6 cards dedicated to HQ pressure, it does not really need that much more. They also tend to slow you down against faster decks like NBN which should be your besst matchup. Finally, I feel that it makes you as a runner more passive. as a criminal, you should be running not sitting pretty waiting for them to score.

Why are you running...


Keyhole is Anti-Jank tech. If I ever go up against jank, I install keyhole and start milling away. If you really hate all of those PE/IG kill decks that keep on wanting to play you on jinteki then just play this and make them watch you mill their hopes and dreams away. If you are expecting more serious matchups, this would be a great second copy of indexing or a spare breaker.

The Matchups:

The Good:

Any form of NBN, be it kill or fast advance, folds to this deck pretty regularly. Convenience shop is almost an auto-win. They cant just install two agendas because you can just bounce them back. They cant kill you because you can search for your plascrete. They cant make more money than you and you can even blank their ID ability. Indexing, Keyhole and Utopia shard hardly seem to matter when you have all of that going for you. Any kill deck is also at a loss due to the amount of tech you have against the matchup. This deck also auto wins against anyone who reads Leela's ability when you put her down.

The Bad:

Even with Political Operative, glacier is still a weaker matchup. HB is pretty doable, especially if they don't know what you are doing. Just pressure HQ and call them on the fact that their ice does not end runs. when they score, index them and shore up your econ, if they have to play the never advance game with you, it means that you are going to be winning on almost every trade. RP on the other hand is a bit more difficult. While the plop does help, their ability to durdle, the difficulty to steal their agendas and the tempo they gain by scoring a nisei can be difficult to contend with. Early pressure and calculated risks on unrezzed ice are what will win you this matchup but it is pretty difficult. Palana is pretty similar but is a bit more balanced because their economy and scoring is a bit easier to contest with.


I want to thank everyone from the Gainseville meta for helping me test this deck. Thank you dogs of war gaming for hosting a killer event. I want to apologize to Stephen for having to play this deck 3 times and thank Robbie and Tomothy for getting me on the criminal lifestyle.

11 Apr 2016 Felhad

Congratulations on the win, it's a great deck!

11 Apr 2016 Swiftie

Will go back and read about it at some point today, leaving a comment for the great intro and for making me watch cool runnings.

11 Apr 2016 Jackson Howard

This deck was a lot of fun to watch in action.

11 Apr 2016 hypomodern

Congrats on the win! I like the all-in on Logos play.

What did you corp with? How many players were there?

11 Apr 2016 maestro

I played Museum RP. I'll probably post the decklist up later today. I believe their were 29 players at the event

11 Apr 2016 Andannius

Congrats on a well-deserved win, mate. Feel da rhythm!

11 Apr 2016 ClockwiseWitness

Congrats, the games I watched you play were super tense and I see as a spectator!

11 Apr 2016 stephenball

No need to apologize to me, haha. All three were great games. I think it's about a 50/50 matchup with my ETF, and over the course of three games, maybe the better player won out, haha.

I like the deck, it's definitely very strong and you play it incredibly well. Congratulations again on the win. Rematch in the finals next year?

11 Apr 2016 JWHamner

Love the deck and just wanted to comment that it's super weird that I also piloted a Logos Leela and Museum RP in the Cambridge Regionals. So I guess we are twinsies? I only made 3rd though, so sorry to let the family brand down. ;)

11 Apr 2016 maestro

@JWHammer That's awesome, we have to keep the archetypes alive in a sea of anarch and IG.

12 Apr 2016 manveruppd

Nice deck. Did you need to use Keyhole at all on the day? Also, would you consider swapping the Utopia Shard for a Film Critic to help against the PE/Palana matchup?

12 Apr 2016 maestro

@manveruppd I used keyhole once on the day and it did lead to a score but it's probably better off as an indexing. Film critic is a good choice and would improve the matchup a bit but, it has an anti synergy with leela's ability. It's just a tech choice really.

14 Apr 2016 Swiftie

With the lack of desperado and sec testing, how does your econ hold up? indexing can be expensive late game with the breakers set up.

14 Apr 2016 maestro

@Swiftie The economy in this deck is powerful, its packing 17 econ cards. Its just that it doesn't have the same aggressive run based economy of most crim decks. That is because for the most part I don't really run all that often. This deck makes surgical runs. Because of that, the sustain from kati is often enough to keep up really well with the corp as long as you apply pressure. Account siphons don't hurt either.

I would say that for the most part, I don't really index late game. Its usually what I get after the first score so I only really have to get through a small amount of ice.

21 Apr 2016 stoppableforce

If you ever needed to free up 2 influence, you could always drop Zu for a Peacock. 2c more to install, but it performs at or within 1c of Zu's level (sometimes 1-2c better, on large code gates) on everything except, amusingly, Viktor 1.0. Viktor is Peacock's archnemesis, I guess.