Satsui no Koto (4th - Katowice Winter Kit)

MrHuds0n 1176


I took this game to our Winter Kit tournament today (April 16th). I planned this for a quite long time and I'm glad that it did okay (even though it was 1-2 - both of those losses were just misplays on my part).

For actual tactics visit the Derived From section.

We had 7 players so four rounds, I got a bye in one of them. Then we also played a friendly game with Kill and his Jesminder.

(The tune plays through my head.)
And this is how it went:

Game 1 - against Sabina's Andromeda
This was a pretty short, fun and enjoyable game. I don't think Sabina expected what's coming and I got good draws which included three Mushin No Shin pretty early on. I mushined out a Project Junebug and two Ronins and while she prepared for a central run, I killed her with them.

Game 2 - against Jander's Hayley
Jander is a pretty seasoned player I feel and he had some tech against my net damage. I managed to quickly score 6 points (I mushined two Fetal AIs and kept them on the board for a while before I scored them, in the meantime bluffing out two Houses of Knives), but then rather than trying to get his Deus X, Clone Chips, SMCs and Levy's to run out, I stupidly tried to score several times - first with a House of Knives, then trying to bluff out a Future Perfect as a Cerebral Overwriter (I asked him if Deus X blocks out brain damage), which he ran it anyway. Then he got a Fetal AI from HQ and that was the game.

Game 3 - bye
Got some cookies and cola, watched Jander's game against Patryk. Jander was playing a pretty good Titan deck as his corp, but he didn't have much luck with it as pretty much everyone sniped Oaktowns off R &D.

Game 4 - against Dawcio's Reina
The peak of this game was that I managed to get him to run into a four-advanced Cerebral Overwriter and take the brain damage 2daFace. After that I drew into a Chairman Hiro and misplayed horribly, because I realised I had one credit too little to rez him. Had I not done that, he would have been on negative hand size and I would have won. Dawcio went undefeated through the entire little tournament though, getting first place with his CI and Reina.

Game 5 - against Kill's Jesminder
Kill put one Synthetic Blood into his runner deck specifically as tech against me and he then was sad that he hadn't gotten to play against my PE. We got a friendly game afterwards though. I was doing pretty horribly, without getting much economy and Mushin-trap combos early. Only after he got his almost full rig, I drew into a few and mushined out two Ronins and a Junebug behind a Pop-up Window. Unfortunately just as I was done advancing the second Ronin, Kill put out the fearsome Synthetic Blood which ruined everything. During the next few turns he ran the Ronins and successfully trashed them. I tossed them back with Archived Memories and Jacksons back into my deck and mushined out a few irrelevant things (like a Psychic Field which didn't fire). In the end, Kill siphoned me to zero and then ran the last advanced remote - the one with the Junebug and Pop-up in front. He got past the popup and thought it was the third Ronin - well. Boom.

All in all, this is an incredibly fun, even though sometimes slightly stressful deck. I didn't get countered with Political Operatives which was I most afraid of - the only person who had them was Patryk and we never got to play together.