Run away from you, I can!

tempmentalmonk 42

Apparently Whizzard is good.

Well so is Security Testing + Desperado + Bad Publicity

More modern take on good 'ol Quest Completed silhouette.

Hammer centrals, takes credits, enough checks makes multi access less necessary.

Check those remotes and mystery open installs in the process. Inside job and blackmail everything that deserves it.

The Heinous Batterwitch has developed the corp's worst nightmare herself. The gingerbread has escaped the kitchen, and no-one knows where it strikes.

Every organization is a sinner, every ice is tracing you. So run, run, as fast as you can...

so yeah, shoot

6 May 2016 RubbishyUsername

Interested with how you have enough memory. Inti + Mongoose + Passport + Gingerbread gives you room for 1 Panchatantra, after all. Secondly, is Investigative Journalism worth it? After all, normally the only way they can make a scoring window through Corporate Scandal is by playing a current and an agenda, in which case you have 1 turn to give a bad publicity and run. But even if you have journalism installed, you can't give the bad pub and run in the same turn with it anyway. You would be better off Same Old Thing -> Corporate Scandal then Blackmail.

6 May 2016 manveruppd

I think he only uses one Pancha, to turn barriers into tracers so he never has to use Inti (except for Wraparound).

6 May 2016 tempmentalmonk

@RubbishyUsernameManveruppd's got it, I'm no shaper, description aside I'm not relying on any particular final rig, gingerbread's just efficient enough against a few ice, and passport and mongoose can fill gaps. Investigative Journalism is likely unnecessary, but it can assure that the bad publicity stays on against decks that can fast advance out an agenda or two, so same old things can stay just for the Blackmails and Account Siphons, That said I admit the third same old thing likely needs to be fit back in even then.

6 May 2016 manveruppd

Yeah I'd probably swap the journalisms and 1xpancha for some r&d interfaces. It's prettyn easy for them to make HQ a complete fortress against you if you don't also pressure R&D, especially if Blackmail means they'll never need to spend money rezzing remote ice. Plus you probably need anotehr polop and maybe a councilman to make sure you can Blackmail your way into the remote regardless of upgrades. Remember, polop doesn't help against Batty.

7 May 2016 tempmentalmonk

I like R&D Interface, so I like at least one for the journalisms. The thing about the pancha though is, as influence expensive as it is, I have to draw them, and they aren't bad in multiples.

The Councilman argument as proven strong, so some number of those will have to find a place as well.

Will update within the week with all changes at once, thanks a lot for the thoughts.