Hyper-Keyhole (NO ICE-BREAKERS) 4th Portland Regionals

benticurus 1676

4th/35 at Portland Regional


I took advantage of the lack of Weyland in my meta (hence the probable absence of Bootcamp and Oversight AI). My main worries were Haarpsichord and Accelerated Beta Test, which are an ID and an Agenda that are always great and potentially prevalent.

New Angeles City Hall is to avoid the 24/7 News Cycle kill and All Seeing Eye while I set up the combo-wombo.

This is a DDoS and False Echo combo deck for Hyper-Keyhole. There are a few published deck-lists of this kind out of Kate and Hayley, and I've been fooling around with DDoS/False Echo out of Criminal for many months, see my False Echo Andy.

I remember the first time that I was destroyed by a Hyper-Keyhole Kate deck (the first ever comment on the DDoS card page is from the day that someone played it against me and that I became aware of the combo with False Echo: I was mind blown).

I owe gratitude to all DDoS/False Echo/Keyhole/Medium deck-lists of this kind that were published before me, I am surprised that none of them became deck-of-the-week at the time they were published.


I doubt that this deck can consistently do as well as I did with it if all players around you are fully aware that you have no Clot, no ICE-breakers and are all-in on the DDoS/False Echo/Hyper-Keyhole shenanigans; but I made a meta-play: hoped that people were not ready for this deck-type and it worked. I continue to fool around with this deck on Jinteki.net, and it wins most games. Basically, if the runner has no way of rezzing ICE outside of a run, then you have a stupidly high chance of winning.

The deck sets up pretty fast (just set up Leprechauns with Hypers and SMC's, then fire all Hypers in one turn, Keyhole up to 12 consecutive times, and run at Archives for the win). There are a few tricks that I learned as I tested for about two weeks with the deck: always try to have no Jacksons on the table by the turn you want to combo-out; and once the pilot is familiar with the rhythm of this deck, they can make informed decisions as to whether they should use up a DDoS/False Echo on a scoring server or whether to focus on getting the whole combo out and just win in one turn (75% of the time I focus on just getting the whole combo out and winning in one turn, even against NEH).


All games that were won, were essentially won in one turn of Hyper-Keyhole, except the Jinteki PE game: that game took two turns of Keyhole-ing.

The deck went 5/7 on the day.

Swiss of 5 rounds:

  1. NBN Making News (won)

  2. Jinteki IG (lost)

  3. Jinteki PE (won)

  4. HB ETF (won)

  5. NBN Spark Agency (won)

Top 8:

  1. Jinteki IG (almost won, but lost a psi-game, so LOST)

  2. I played Corp (won)

  3. Weyland Gagarin (won)

  4. I played Corp against False Echo Valencia and LOST.

So, as you can see, 50% of the the Top 4 decks in the Portland Regional basically had 0 ICE-breakers. DDoS is a meta-defining card that hasn't been taken as seriously as it should, especially given the False Echo combo.

14 May 2016 CowboyTintin

I think I played you on Jinteki a day or so ago... Didn't play you at Portland, even though I was there! Gotta say, clever deck. What do you do for 3-ice servers though? All my servers were 2 deep when you beat me, but it occurred to me that 3 ice would really lower your access windows...???

Either way, nice.

14 May 2016 Benjen

Yeah Buddy! It was awesome seeing you in the top 8. I'm glad I never had to play you. I was getting wreck by silly runner decks that never let me rez ICE. Congrats!

14 May 2016 benticurus

@CowboyTintin False Echo Echo echo cho o o o with recursion allows me to get into servers of up to 7 ICE deep: each False Echo Echo echo cho o o o lets me bounce the next ICE due to DDoS always affecting the new outermost ICE from the last False Echo](/en/card/04007) Echo echo cho o o o

15 May 2016 rotage

Nice deck and congrats on 4th, how often do you use Levy, I've played these decks for a while and although sometimes a levy could be handy never been able to justify a deck slot for one

15 May 2016 benticurus

@rotage The Levy comes in handy in case I get the urge of stealing agendas from scoring servers and spend my DDoS's and False Echo's on that. I rarely Levy (I believe I never Levy-ed at the Regional), but I did find it useful in some testing games, so I just kept two in case got one trashed from Net damage or had to discard for space in hand. I think that an Escher would be a good change for one of the Levy's, but yeah... I think I want to keep at least one.

16 May 2016 rotage

@benticurus I'd definitely recommend escher, I rarely use it but when I do it wins games. Yeah I guess net damage is more of a thing now, so some redundancy is always good.

17 May 2016 hatsuyume

I am super excited to try this. Any thoughts about Museum decks (Hostile Infrastructure)?

18 May 2016 Gauss

I was the first NBN to lose to you and it was an absolute joy to go down so gloriously. I might try out piloting this against my friend soon to see if he will enjoy getting destroyed as much as I did.

21 May 2016 benticurus

@Gauss im happy it wasn't too much of a negative play experience, especially for someone who came out for a tournament for the first time. nice to hear from you; and i must say that your recommendation on running Archives with only 2 agendas might have won me my game in the third round: thanks for that!

@hatsuyume I didnt design this deck to beat museum/hostile: i just rush with a single hyper and a keyhole and pray for luck

25 May 2016 Myriad

Anythoughts with this and Chiba?

Also I was the Gagarin player! I wish I could have seen the look on my face when you pulled back the curtain and keyholed me into oblivion!