Sir Trash-A-Lot

binnet 298

This is my latest version of the Introducing some new cards. I am aware that this is a 48 card deck which is pretty unvonventional but the rate this deck goes though cards thos extra three cards have not been a problem. The idea here is a to set up a rid and run as soon as your have a breaker suite (typically at Strength 4) to draw even more cards. If you are halv way though your deck by turn 3, you are doing it RIHGT! =D All cards in the deck (save for Levy) cost no more than 3 credits to play. Use your clicks efficiently. Don't bother saving up those teckwriter too long. Just draw draw draw. Hammer the centrals using Crescentus to waste to corps credits. Use the Savoir-faire + Autoscripter combo to have 5 clicks a turn. (even better if you can use Bad Publicity to install from Savoir Fairy. No Sure Gambles, no Daily Casts, yet this deck can get incredibly rich! Trash everything!