[Startup] Good Azz Criminal - 1st at Ysengrin's

Oddball 1138

This was the Runner deck I took to the February 2022 Startup tournament. It's an Az twist on Ätsch update of HolyMackerel’s Motorcycle Ken deck. This month we had six participants and played four rounds of single-sided swiss. Az went 2-0 against NBN: Reality Plus and Weyland: Built to Last rush.

Ideally in your opening hand you want card draw (Masterwork (v37), or The Class Act) some econ (event, Rezeki, or Daily Casts) and one trick (Boomerang, or Inside Job). With three copies of most of these cards the deck is remarkably consistent. Then you apply pressure and steal early agendas with your Crim tricks, while building a two cost rig to finish the game with Khusyuk!

Between Masterwork, Prognostic Q-Loop and The Class Act you can get away with running more events than the traditional hardware heavy Az Masterwork decks and still have a ton of control and knowledge of the cards that are coming.

This is definitely a deck that takes awhile to master, but Az certainly feels like Shaper in Blue. Thanks again Ysengrin for bringing back these monthly events.