Norsuleela, Tampere regionals winner 2016

lordlau 82

For those who are wondering, Tampere is a city in Finland.

I took this deck to a regionals tournament in Tampere expecting to roll in the mud league with other newbies. In the end I was the top seed after a five round swiss and managed to win the whole tournament.

I wanted to try the new giant-miniature-space-elephant-card, since it looked like an interesting solution to an usual criminal problem - the lack of card draw. In the end it worked like a dream. With Masa, Desperado, Elephantcard and SecTest you can convert a click to four or three cards / creds.

Round 1: vs. Argus, Win

Round 2: vs. Blue Sun w. Janus, Win

Round 3: vs. Titan w. Midseasons, Win

Round 4: vs. RP, win

Round 5: Split this round with another player at 14 pts, so we could both make the cut to top 4.

In top four I lost a game to a NEH-Fastro-Choo-Choo.

Kati J // Gang sign // HQI was meant to battle against nasty glcier stuff - Kati was good, gang sign didn't do anything.

In the next version I'm thinking of cutting a RDI in favor of a wheel and a sucker. Propably will also cut Gang signs and HQI and include a couple of legworks and maybe a rebirth (switch the id to Andy).

// Norsu is a finnish word, used especially by kids. It means elephant. There were roughly 20 participants in the tournament.

Corp deck & more badly written tournament ramblings:

1 Jun 2016 D4KEN

@lordlau maybe include a one of Sneakdoor Beta. It works well with HQ Interface. So they have to ice up Archives and HQ to prevent the permanent HQ-Lock. How does Patron performs? Seems a dead draw in a heavy Glacier-Meta.

2 Jun 2016 lordlau

@D4KEN Patron is my new favourite criminal card. It is super strong vs asset spam, but as you noted vs a dedicated glacier build it can be a dead draw. The deck is strongly focused on the asset spam matchup.

IMHO glacier is the worst match up againt criminal. This deck has Kati Jones, Gang Sign and HQ Interface to make that match up a bit more tolerable, but I think it's still strongly in favor of the glacier.

Sneakdoor Beta is a good idea, but with the amount of Patron and Security Testing they are going to ICE the archives.

6 Jun 2016 lukevanryn

Have you thought of cutting the connections to 1 each and adding 3 hostage? This would free up 3 influence for Gordian Blade, or another RDI.

6 Jun 2016 lordlau

@lukevanryn your idea of adding hostage and cutting connections is a very good one. That way you can dig the connection you need (patron vs remote spam and kato vs glacier) more consistently. With the spare influence one cloud include a 3rd RDI or a combination of suckers / the turning wheel.

I'm not sure about the necessity of a blade thought. Passport is quite strong and the combination of leela bounce / rex / femme / inside job can usually take care of remotes. If you want a proper code gate breaker I would propably choose zu. That way you'd have 1inf left over for a sucker or the turning wheel.

Thanks for the idea of including a set of hostages. I'll be sure to try it out!