Kitchen SYNC (1st Place Huddersfield Regional)

badwammerjammer 102


This is Calimsha's SYNC deck with pretty much just the changes he recommended, I'm only posting it for completeness and some matchup commentary. After taking IG to the UKGE I wanted a quick fun deck for the next one, so I took this to the 45 player regional at IQ Games, Huddersfield.

This lost 1 game in swiss to Noise after getting flooded and lamprey'd to death, then beat Desperado Whizzard, Geist, Prepaid Kate and MOpus Chaos Theory. Not a huge amount to say about any of the games, all went pretty much according to plan and Breaking News + Exchange of Information is still busted.

In the top 8 I chose to play this against Harry's Hayley first round, hoping to be able to rush before he could get the Clot threat established. Scored an Astro behind Data Raven first turn and then Breaking News'd off a Sansan to take a GFI off him. After that it became a game of bait the Clot, with him not falling for a Sansan but then calling the Astro I put down. Unfortunately I had another EOI in hand and after purging was able to Fast Track for BN and score it with Sansan + Astro counter and swapped for the Astro he just took.

Next was Richard with Geist, with me corping due to a dice roll. First turn Astro behind Wrap was answered with Spike, and the second turn Breaking News behind the same Wrap was answered with another Spike. At that point it became a game of attrition and he eventually got up New Angeles City Hall, the worst card to see! Luckily the low agenda density after he stole another BN and Food let me survive his Spy Cameras, and I ended up getting a Sansan to stick and scored 2 Astros and then a Breaking News into EOI when he was below 4 credits.

After losing with my runner in the winner's finals, winning with it in the loser's finals and winning the first game of the finals I played my last game of the day against Mark's prepaid Kate. Put a Breaking News behind Data Raven and kept it there for the first half of the game on a Sansan, until I was able to score it and EOI for Food + Closed Accounts taking all his lovely event money. He spent a turn clicking for credits and installing a Plascrete which was a big help for me and then I scored out two Astros for the win. Without the blowout turn taking ~30 credits and giving him two tags it'd have been a very different game.

Not a lot to say about changes, there wasn't a card that underperformed for me and I feel pretty comfortable with it right now. When 23 Seconds comes out with Hard Hitting News it might end up changing. Like I said, this is a very standard deck but I'm happy to answer any questions!

11 Jul 2016 kwind

The current meta seems like a great environment for Sync since all the best runner decks rely heavily on resources.

I was just thinking about how pre MWL, prepaid Kate was all hardware and events, so getting a tag to stick wasn't nearly as useful, and tag-heavy decks were a little more of a meta call.

12 Jul 2016 masste

I like the deck!

I'm still a pretty new player, but would 15 Minutes fit nicely into here? I feel like swapping your 15 for GFI then clicking to get it out of the runner's score area would be nasty. Perhaps too inconsistent?

12 Jul 2016 badwammerjammer

The 15 Minutes + Exchange combo is really horrible (ie great!), but it relies on getting tags another way. The beauty of Breaking News is that it gives you the tags to Exchange with and then makes the runner keep them!