Calimsha 2810

[insert witty writeup and a couple of nice memes / image macros]

This deck is the new shit. EoI into breaking news to swap a GFI back (or an astro with token if your opponent is one of those scumbag who plays turntable) is real.

Payback time, baby.

2 Jun 2016 thebigunit3000

Turntable is one of the most honorable cards in netrunner. Exchange of information is for scumlords.

2 Jun 2016 Calimsha

GTFO, orange shitbag.

2 Jun 2016 spags

Nice deck. Nice to see you active again.

Confirmed this isn't one of my designs. XD

2 Jun 2016 GrantZilla1979

fast. fast as hell. if a scrub like me can consistently close out games by no later than turn 10 with it, imagine what someone who knows what they're doing can do with it.

2 Jun 2016 ericbtool

2 GLC's so you can have 2 AM's? oh i guess i should offer a cut.......a bernie or the psycho.

2 Jun 2016 Calimsha

the money is clutch and i don't think GLC would be good enough.

2 Jun 2016 Calimsha

But feel free to test, @ericbtool

2 Jun 2016 ericbtool

nah you know what you're doing better than I. I was just curious about the decision. I have my own EoI silliness to try. The card is ridiculous. Will you update the thread to include results?

2 Jun 2016 ericbtool

@ajar and @thebigboy play in my league so i'll probably see it from @ajar at least once

2 Jun 2016 haywire

Deck looks great. But i gotta ask a noobish question:
There is lots of stuff, that punishes the Runner for being tagged, but nothing to tag him exept the Sentries and Bernice. That doesn't feel very reliable to me. How do you do it?

2 Jun 2016 HiggsBozo


If you use SanSan or an Astro token to score Breaking News, you'll have an extra click to play Exchange / ASI / Closed. Also, if you Exchange a Breaking News for something, the tags don't go away.

You can often put the runner in a situation where they have to choose between letting you have an Astro and floating a Raven tag (especially if you pump the Raven trace). You wanna be sticking stuff behind a Raven and daring them to check it on turn 1.

2 Jun 2016 haywire

True, the SanSan-Way is a possibility.
Gotta give this a Try. Don't know if it's my playstyle, but you never know till u try :)

2 Jun 2016 Calimsha

@haywire : I found Breaking news pretty reliable as a tagging tool :).

3 Jun 2016 cranked

How useful have you found the Psychographics? I feel like without Midseasons, it may lose a bit of value considering that it doesn't seem like you're piling tags on all at once.

3 Jun 2016 Therad

@cranked The runner can chose between going tag-me or they can go broke clearing tags which opens up scoring windows. Either way is fine.

3 Jun 2016 Calimsha

@cranked: not all cards has to be useful in every games :). It's a 1x and if it's useless you can always ditch it.

3 Jun 2016 tf34

This deck is terrible. I just tried it and went 0-4. Nobody should bring it to regionals this weekend.

3 Jun 2016 MrMint

@tf34I see what you're trying to do here :p

3 Jun 2016 Simone Suka

@tf34 I had to read at least 0-20 or nothing.

3 Jun 2016 Ironcache

Oh sure I make this deck and bring it to a regionals and I get 7 likes over like 2 weeks, but @Calimsha throws it together and it's instantly >20.

Being serious though, I do like some of the differences this has from my regionals deck. Mine had a 15 Minutes in it (going to 19 points), but I found that the hypothetical dream of tagging them + trading Global Food Initiative for 15 Minutes often didn't line up, and never needed to when it did; Breaking News was almost a preferable trade for 2 persistent tags. I also had Scorched Earth + Green Level Clearances in the deck, and I would definitely have preferred the Blue Level Clearances. Also, the ICE suite I had was a bit too expensive (especially considering I had GLC vs. BLC), and I think I would swap my Tollbooths for either Quandary or Little Engine.

That said, I feel like 11 ICE is a little light, and the investment in the tagging theme might be a little too much. I think I'd ditch both Bernice Mai, the Psychographics, and maybe the Closed Accounts/The All-Seeing I for Keegan Lane, a 3rd EoI, and more ICE. I found Breaking News (along with the ICE suite and 1x SEA Source) was more than enough to land the tags I needed to get EoI off, and EoI was usually enough to win the games. I never really missed not having any of the other tag events; the losses I did take in the tournament, they wouldn't have helped with. Curious about your experience on this front.

3 Jun 2016 Calimsha

if you are playing scorch, GLC, booth and 15 mins, it's totally a different deck man ... Can't really compare.

3 Jun 2016 Calimsha

Being more serious, the next iteration of that list dropped the ASI (a bit too much win more), a quandary and play 3 resistor and Archangel. Archangel was already there in the very first version but @thebigboy suggested to cut it for ASI. Turns out, ASI is super win-more and doesn't really helps in problematic matchup. So back to 12 ICEs :)

3 Jun 2016 Ironcache

Tangenting to the core concept, I'm pretty sure this whole Breaking News/Exchange of Information is extremely strong, and I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing New Angeles City Hall in Shaper with Film Critic. I was going to slot it for regionals, but since the pack had just came out, I figured that not many people would be playing it. I was right, but I think it will probably change.

4 Jun 2016 wedgeex

Vanilla over Resistor? Or am I missing something?

4 Jun 2016 Calimsha

Vanilla doesn't punish the runner going tagme.

4 Jun 2016 sabre0001

Got to Fast Track - Install - use Astro token - flip SanSan and trade my newly scored BN for a GFI. Glorious!

5 Jun 2016 saifrc

I just went 4-1 with this deck at the Chicago regionals. The one loss was in a game in which I was Account Siphoned eight times, and Legworked twice, by Ken Tenma. He went tag-me, but I couldn't for the life of me find a Resistor, or anything taxing for that matter, to put over HQ, nor did Psychographics ever show up. Even then, the game was close, and this deck performed amazingly.

6 Jun 2016 helloledbetter

Had to face this 4 times in NYC vs. my Stealth Kate deck that had served me well all year. I was totally unprepared. Despite going 5-1 in corp I lost to this deck 3/4 times and missed cut, with the only win being because my opponent couldn't find ICE. This thing is real and it's abominable. Are ProCo shapers just a bad matchup (all the ProCo Haleys and Kates I spoke to lost to this deck), or did I just not have a winning strategy?

6 Jun 2016 Ironcache

``@helloledbetter` again, I'm pretty sure that slotting NACH and Film Critic is probably the right answer for shaper. Artist / aggressively draw for them. Once you have NACH out, it's just a neutered FA deck.

6 Jun 2016 Hermit

Went undefeated with this deck in Atl regionals! Definitely a great deck. Thanks @Calimsha!

6 Jun 2016 Calimsha

On my own testing I've lost once and won 12 time with proco Kate. But I'm also on triple indexing and know this match-up super well.

6 Jun 2016 helloledbetter

Thanks @Calimsha @Ironcache. It's probably mostly practice against the deck and a few slots changed for meta calls. Very different to tech against this deck than IG/Gagarin (which is what I'd expected to face multiple times).

6 Jun 2016 Zakalwe

I was thinking about the viability of just leaving Global Food Initiative sitting on a Film Critic until the Runner reaches 5 points but then I realised SYNC can easily tag the runner and trash Film Critic.

6 Jun 2016 Ironcache

@Zakalwe honestly, I think that's a preferably option to allowing the EoI to occur.

6 Jun 2016 Calimsha

Yeah but you can also be rushed out and it's not like you have 3 FC in you deck so you can keep all the agendas you score there :).

7 Jun 2016 Bandura

my experience with shaper against this is that I just need to produce enough cash to trash all the SanSans. Which can be problematic because of Data Raven

8 Jun 2016 meta4

Why no Keegans? Seems like Keegan is a better way to punish tag me than Resistor because Resistor can be killed easily by David+knifed, and Resistor can also just be paid through pretty easily (4 creds isn't a ton if you're using Maker's Eye or something similar). I've been playing a tagging deck in Making News since D&D came out, and I quickly ditched the resistors for just 3xWraparound and 2xKeegan and found that change really helped because you can just deny their fracter/other breakers. I also played a bit more recursion though to keep the Keegans coming back.

8 Jun 2016 Calimsha

Because Keegan is a dead slot if the runner doesn't go TagMe and you want your tag punishment to be pro-active (aka: can be enabled with Breaking News). Keegan make zero sense here since the runner should ideally never go tagme.

8 Jun 2016 Ironcache

Note that data raven enables Keegan for the run.

8 Jun 2016 Calimsha

In a world where pretty much everyone play clone chip and the decks who doesn't play Councilman and/or déjà vu, Keegan feels weak. Like a bad one trick pony.

Don't play Keegan, it's not worth it.

8 Jun 2016 ericbtool

there's too much set up for keegan with a deck like this.

8 Jun 2016 Bandura

I did try Keegan some time ago and reached the same conclusion. Either you got him but not the Data Raven, or vice versa, or they ran past the Raven / Turnpike early in the game when they had no breakers, etc...

11 Jun 2016 ZiNOS

Have you tried Casting Call? It cannot be trashed, gives two tags and behind a data raven is king imho. Maybe better than Bernice Mai in some occasions?

14 Jun 2016 manveruppd

I'm curious: what are the usual targets for Archived Memories? More EoI?

14 Jun 2016 Calimsha

@manveruppd: basically whatever card you need and who ends up in the bin. Could be sansan, could be Bernice, could be a milled agenda or Closed Account / Psycho.

15 Jun 2016 manveruppd

Cool, thanks! It's a very strong deck, I tried it at a casual meet tonight (but with -1 ASI, -2 Quandary, +1 Archangel, +1 Enigma, +1 Resistor) and it impressed me!