Robo Hillary

Isamaiev 2

We Are Stronger Together

Credit goes to Daine for his Robocop HB deck design:

Robocop (undefeated in Swiss, Louisville regional)

I'm working to come up with a version that doesn't use ETF.


-ST allows Viktor 1.0 to survive against Yog.0. Still testing to see if I can make better use of ICE strength against frequently used breakers.

-Shipment from MirrorMorph allows for quick setup. Especially when installing Breaker Bay Grid.

26 Aug 2016 Mazz

I'd be really tempted with Sandburg, given you will be rezzing ICE for next to nothing?

26 Aug 2016 Isamaiev

@Mazz Sandburg would be nice. I feel it would secure any win if I'm ahead. @CactusJack Thank you. Yes, as stated, Daine is awesome with creating the original build! I'm trying to make a different version of his build. As I test, I'll update with more changes.

26 Aug 2016 CactusJack

@Isamaiev NP, mate. I enjoy linking stuff :P

27 Aug 2016 Isamaiev

@CactusJack Much appreciated kind Sir! I'll update the link now.