Improved Protein People - Clones are not Protein edition

Syntax 275

8 games vs Andy Temujin, 7 ragequits LOL

27 Sep 2016 Syntax

(Greenhouse deck, of course)

27 Sep 2016 Ladriel

Hey, always good to see red pavillon decks around. I must admit that the name "Clones are not Protein" made me laugh too :D

I wonder if Jinteki might make a slow comeback considering the amount of crims nowadays. Don't you have any problems sneaking out Improved Protein Source without any traps at all ? Doesn't the runner get wise after a while without hitting any Fetal AI or Snare! ?

27 Sep 2016 YankeeFlatline

i don't get it what's this do

27 Sep 2016 FarCryFromHuman

Seems like he brute-forces out all his agendas behind massive strength ICE. Jeeves + IT Department + Sandburg and a few pieces of ETR is enough to hard score two-three points, and then he just needs a single turn with an IPS in the same server to flip the identity. It's jank, but it's solid jank.

27 Sep 2016 runningman

It awesome thats what it is! I really like the look of it, with economy off IUSE. Man I love that card. like the look of it man.

27 Sep 2016 Syntax

@FarCryFromHuman you got it. If you can score a "Clone are not People", you only need to score 2 times (unless Philotic, then you need 2 clones - but if a Jeeves is out, you ca play it in clic 4).

This is a NA deck, which is gaining money or clic IT until you've got a window.

If one Indian Union Stock Exchange is rez, then playing 3x subs gives you 6c (2x = 9c, 3x=12c). Then here, if Jeeves is out, you have 2 clics to make stuff, like clicking IT or something.

This is a very strong deck against criminal, providing you double ice remotes & HQ (single with guard). This is a medium deck vs Shapers. This is a really shitty deck vs Wizzard.

So don't bring this in a tournament, guys :)

27 Sep 2016 Syntax

Oh, and Jackson get Interns back. Both cards gain credit through IUSE. In fact all cards but Cricks, Tsurugi & Clones are not People gives money through IUSE.

Generally speaking, if you can protect one IUSE (say, behing a Rototurret), this is meh but good enough for a game.

Don't be eager to rez assets until when you want to use them, or the runner runs it before the run is successful. Sandburg before encounter (I'm still making those mistakes. Cricking a Sandburg is a good move if you ITed one.).

You've got 3 IUSE and lots of Interns. And Jeeves to install and / or make a "should trash" server with.

If you play conservative, then most Criminal can't hurt you, besides those "oh sh*t" netrunner moments aka T1 = 1 ice 1 agendas in hand => runner turn = indexing.