Blue n0ise

Dydra 2773

Hi everyone. With this deck I managed to win first place today -A:NR 2014 Season 1 Championship mat and box (and promos) on the tournament organized for #tabletopday in Sofia.

I've done extensive testing against one of our strongest players and I have to say that the deck can be devastating.

So here is how it works:

1) You have to go in the game, knowing that Milling cards ain't your focus. The milling is there as general annoyance, to slow them down by trashing either Economy or ICE, maybe sometimes an Agenda or Two. This isn't a Noise mill deck and shouldn't be played as such. Currently in the game, EVERY slot is valuable (especially on the corp side) and whatever you mill, will be good. Excluding game state dependent exceptions like milling a Hedge fund after they have 20 credits or so :)

2) Pressure - this deck has lots of it! If someone doesn't know that you are running Account Siphones, they will most likely leave HQ lightly protected which allows for HUGE mid-game (and even early game) money swings. The 2x Knight(s) are there exactly of that reason and also as substitute for Inside Jobs ( in the first incarnation of the decks I tried running Inside Job instead of 3rd Account Siphone just to realize that Knight can do the same thing for a bit more money AND a lot more). Because you are playing Noise after all and you will be Milling, they will have to protect archives as well. That's where Medium comes in. I can't describe the amount of games, where my opponents got either shocked or panicked by the pressure on HQ from the AS that they are left with 1 or ma 2 ICE on R&D , because I've been focus killing them with parasites. In roughly 70% of the games I've went into R&D for 3+ cards with my Medium.

If the enemy corp has to secure a remote on top of all this pressure on the centrals - even worse for them. They can't possibly upkeep EVERYTHING between you Parasiting , Siphoning , Milling and Imp trashing - which gives you holes for you to sneak into.

3) Economy , roughly "12 " economy cards. 9 pure , 3 AS and 3x SoT. If you land 1 or 2 Siphones you will be fine, if you land more - u will more really rich. Always try to combo Dirty Laundry either with fictive archives mill check, or Imp Trash run, OR Medium run. ON it's own is as decent as Easy Mark, but always try to get the extra value of it.

4) Drawing. With 3 Quality times I can say that the drawing shouldn't be a problem. There was this game I chained Economy into QT into Djin and Viruses ... at mid game I think I was left with 10-15 cards in my deck :) Djinn for the times when you need that Parasite or Data sucker pronto

5) Djinn and Grimoire - only 2 of each. As I said the focus of this deck isn't to mill you. Jinn will be hosting most of the time only Data suckers and Imps and a medium. Grimoire is decent for that pressure the extra counter it gives u, but it's not a must. Won all of my games today without installing 1. However you will want it for the Memory since late game u will be running 3 breakers.

6) Certain Card choices :

  • There are about 4-5 cards that you can switch out and replace depending on your meta.
  • Obviously Stimhack is one. I generally don't use it, but I like the end-game power it gives me when it comes to 1 run finishers.
  • Deja Vu is a must, since you don't have other program recursion. Use it generally for Parasites, but when the need calls for a Knight or a Corroder to be recurred, don't hesitate to use it!
  • 3rd AS. I'm currently thinking about replacing the 3rd AS with a 2x Gorman Drips + Emergency shutdown, because - 1 archer is scary for this deck ( read bellow) and 2 letting them spend 1-2 turns clicking for money after Siphone while feeding your Drip as well + MILL A CARD = THAT VALUE !!

However this will mean to take out a Knight as well, because you want 2x Knight if u play 3x AS, to maximize early ASs.

7) WORST case scenario !! ( Last, I swear !! )

Destroyers are a big issue for this deck and Archer, as the best Destroyer in game, causes a lot of pain. Usually trashing a DJinn with Data suckers on it ( and there will be smt else on it as well most likely) will set you back A LOT. So if you suspect your opponent might be playing Archer, try to play around it. Either have Knight with 8 money ready where you expect it, or Infiltrate to be 100% sure. Mimic price for 4 money + 3 data sucker tokens ... You are most likely winning hard if u have 3 DS tokens :) Rototurret is a pain too, but only early game when you are face checking.

If you have reached this point, I salute u! Your dedication to Noise is admirable! If you are an aggressive runner and have been switching between Criminals and Anarchs, like me, look no further - this is the deck for u ! :)

Feel free to leave a comment or questions!

27 May 2014 PeekaySK

Daily Casts are strictly inferior to Liberated Account here.

27 May 2014 Dydra

How come? This deck is all about aggro and losing 1-2 turn to Liberated Accounts doesn't seem to me to reinforce that idea? Daily casts net you without spending clicks ... might worth it testing out though

27 May 2014 PeekaySK

And now explain to me how exactly you're going to get all that value out of a Daily Casts while tagged. Liberated can be used in a tag-floating situation, Daily Casts not so much.

Daily casts might net you money without clicks, but at the expense of an immediate tempo hit (-3 the turn you play it, -1 the next one, so on the third turn you break even with what would have happened if you just clicked for a credit instead of installing Daily Casts two turns ago ;) ), and the necessity to keep the corp at zero at all times if you're tagged.

Given the strength of today's corp economies, that's not really a solid plan.

Also, Liberated Account is a plan B for when you need a bunch of money to connect your first Siphon. With Daily Casts, how are you going to do that? Play it and wait 3 turns? By then, the HQ will have even more ICE.

28 May 2014 Dydra

Who said that I'll be tagged when I have daily casts on? =) This is not a self-tag me deck, so I'll gladly pay up 4 to clean up my tags, considering I'm playing SoT as well.

I definitely see the merits of being able to explode in 2 turns with Liberated Accounts, however I've always had problems with going up to 6 money and then using 2 turns more to get value from them.

If I end up having floating tags, I'd be much more scarred of Closed Accounts, rather than them wasting a click and 2 c, for something which I gave a click and 3c and that's considering I just played it this turn (otherwise it would be even more value for me out of the trade).

If I get Closed Accounts, I'd need 2 ENTIRE turns setting up the Liberated Accounts and playing it during a 3rd one ... so that's just 3 turns of me sitting there losing tempo. On the other hand I can setup a Daily casts in 1 turn and then have 2 turns to do whatever I want ( get 3c make a run etc. etc.).

As I said it worth it testing it out, however I don't see that much of a problem with Daily casts.

Also to answer your last question, No, you don't wait 3 turns for daily to pay off and u do AS then, I think u miss the point that you have 4 clicks the next turn with which u can draw 4c and then 4 more clicks the turn after ... Having said that, I never had a problem landing AS early game =) Why do you think the 2 Knights are there for?

28 May 2014 PeekaySK

"This is not a self-tag deck" - sure, you aren't dedicating slots to cards that work when you're tagged, but Daily Casts are literally the only cards in your deck that are dead when you are tagged. This seems like a pretty big tradeoff for an effect that isn't even that good or unique in the first place, benefits-wise.

If the "getting up to 6 after Closed Accounts" scares you , go for Armitage instead of LA. Still a highly superior card to Daily Casts, particularly in a scenario where you're clicking for credits anyway, like you're describing.

2 Knight don't guarantee Siphoning, not by a long shot. Is it customary in your playgroup to only have 1 piece of ICE on HQ (and rez it at the first opportunity)? By now, most people have figured out that games are lost in the HQ, especially against Anarchs (who have both Imp and Vamp in-faction, and can easily splash three Siphons, like you are doing). I'd go even so far as to say that icing HQ is the default priority vs. Anarch.

28 May 2014 Dydra

Armitage is actually a good idea, but yes, you will not often find a corp that puts 2 pieces of ICE on HQ in turn 1 to 3 =)

Even if they somehow manage to double ICE up HQ on turn 1 to 3, I will Medium or/and IMP into R&D and let's not forget that this is not simply anarch , this is Noise, so you need to ICE archives as well (and often not just by 1 card).

The pressure on all centrals is insane by this deck. They can't possible keep me out from all of them, let alone setup a remote. Parasite away a couple of ICE too =)

The only real problem for this deck are two things. 1) Steroid/Viagra HB/Weyland with Biorid efficiency and Oversight AI and 2) Early Caprice . That's about it.

30 May 2014 Dydra


I did run 3 games today with Liberated Account instead of Daily Casts and I really liked it. I don't know if it's me just playing my Exile deck, which needs time to setup, but I almost never felt the waiting for going up to 6c. Maybe I was just lucky that I was always at least 3-4c when I hit the LA, but I honestly felt the surge is good.

Also I played against a heavy tag NBN - Scorch, Dedicated Server, Bernice Mai and Closed Accounts, but managed win all 3 games with ease, mostly due to me milling Data Raven. I think I'll give it a go as well this Sunday on our local tournament.