Resource • Install: 6 • Influence: 2

Place 16credit from the bank on Liberated Account when it is installed. When there are no credits left on Liberated Account, trash it.

click: Take 4credit from Liberated Account.

It's easier to spend when it's not your money.
Anarch • Matt Zeilinger • Trace Amount 22
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Liberated Account
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Let's start with the 800-lb gorilla: the install cost is 6, which is hefty no matter how you look at it. Obviously, this isn't the card you're looking for if your credit pool is empty. However, if you already have some money, Liberated Account is a pretty good economy card:

Do you like the burst economy of Sure Gamble? Gaining 4 in a single is about as good as you can hope for and Liberated Account lets you do that four times!

Do you like the efficiency of Magnum Opus? Assuming you already have 6, Liberated Account is as efficient as using an already-installed Magnum Opus five times:

  • 1: install, -6

  • 2: use, -2

  • 3: use, +2

  • 4: use, +6

  • 5: use, +10

Plus, it doesn't even need the that Magnum Opus requires.

(The Source era)

Interesting card to play with The Supplier. You can host it on The Supplier at any time. When you're ready, you install it and gain +12 credits in a whole turn.

It might be a better use of 2 influences than Lucky Find.

(The Source era)