Jammy HB - 1st place at Dice House Games SC, Fullerton, CA

raphaeln 502

1st place in the Dice House Games Store Champs (Fullerton, CA) on November 13th with 27 players.

Went 2-2 in swiss. Wins against Temujin Whizz, DLR MaxX . Loss against Nexus Andy. ID the last round, but I would have probably lost against Nexus Kate.

Went 1-0 in double-elimination. Win against Smoke.

This is @beyoken Jammy HB with some tech cards against its worst MU (Temujin Whizz), like Lotus Field, Best Defense and Foxfire. I played a similar version of the deck at Worlds, but it didn't perform as well, going 3-6.

It might be worth trying to find a slot for Ark Lockdown to fight Clot (Best Defense can help trashing Sac Con).

17 Nov 2016 tvaduva

Congrats! Glad it did better for you than Worlds. I still think it's the best non-NBN out there, unless you're a CI genius. I'm excited to try out Best Defense.

20 Nov 2016 raphaeln

Thanks, Tim! You know it's thanks to you that I have been playing this deck :) I agree that this is probably one of the strongest non-NBN corp decks out there. It was just heartbreaking not seeing Ben Ni bringing it to Worlds... But that was fair, his SYNC deck was also very interesting to watch.