Make Weyland Hate Again

MarbleMunkey 422

I took this deck to 2 SC and went 4-4.

It's swingy, has no long game, and is completely shut down by a number of cards, but the sheer chutzpah of a turn 1 or 2 public install of Government Takeover is worth the looks of confusion.

Your goal with this deck is to start with a piece of ICE or two, and two of the following: Fast Track, Casting Call, Punitive Counterstrike. Consulting Visit fills in the holes as needed.

Fast Track that Government Takeover, Casting Call it, and drop some ice in front of it. If you are worried about Siphon, drop some ICE in front of HQ, but don't sweat R&D runs. Ideally you want double ICE on your remote.

If you have Dedication Ceremony use them.

Election Day is Consulting Visit numbers 4, 5, and 6.

If you haven't scored GT or flatlined the runner by turn 5 or 6, you're probably going to lose this one. Film Critic and an SMC means you're probably going to lose this one.

No matter what happens, just keep grinning that "Yeah, I flopped 6 points RIGHT HERE on turn 1 or 2" grin. They have a bunch of bad options and only a few good ones.

19 Jan 2017 Ulkrond

I like your style.

19 Jan 2017 Krams

Why Beanstalk Royalties over Restructure? You basically have to stay rich during those first few turns. If the runner can get richer than you very fast that's bad :D

19 Jan 2017 MarbleMunkey

@Krams Opportunity cost, mostly. It might work.

21 Jan 2017 Snake Eyes

Needs a gif.

I would recommend this one:

21 Jan 2017 ende23r

This is my favorite deck of all time. I took this to a SC and ended up using eminent domain to purchase the lot and bulldoze the building. My winrate online is 113%. Every win because I use Russian Roulette to pick outcomes for Psi games. People tell me I can't go to Worlds with this deck, but joke's on them, I am the world now. I believe I have been moved up in line for the Presidency, so if I can Scorched Earth the White House that should get enough people out of the way for a real Government Takeover. My name is Weyland, Jack Weyland, pleased to eat you. If you have 3 Fast Track there's no such thing as R&D lock. Ban this sick filth pls.

23 Jan 2017 Kosta

I think this needs a Mother Goddess. If the runner has no AI breaker, it's the perfect single ice in the GT remote :)

23 Jan 2017 seiya

Very nice deck! I love the idea and it brings back an ID we don't see much these days. I will try to test it :)

27 Jan 2017 Marrkat

HAHA! Brilliant!

9 Feb 2017 pr1metim3

hilarious ! love it !

3 Jul 2017 ksodiya

Dedication Ceremony only works on faceup cards, and as a result the only agenda you can play it on is Hollywood Renovation. You have no advance-able ice. Why are you playing that card?

3 Jul 2017 MarbleMunkey

@aeons00: Casting Call lets you install any agenda face up.