Captain Tao and First Mate Bankhar (Startup Endurance)

R+ 5

"They're the two best cards in the format, why doesn't anyone play them together?"

Tao is leaner than Isbister. With the 40 card deck size and all of the card draw you get to the good stuff sooner. You are generally ready to access any server you desire by turn 2 or 3.

All the econ is still there and we're not wasting any credits on silly things like icebreakers so we can pay to trash everything in sight.

Then we finish the game with Conduit, Docklands, Deep Dive.

Pub Trail + Retribution does nothing to this deck, there will always be 8+ credits or an NFL up.

Deep Dive looks like it would nonbo with Bankhar but you just juice up Endurance and rely on that for the DD turn, or play the odds if you really need Bankhar to get through a server. You can boost your odds with Stoneship.

Stoneship is such a flexible card. Love it.

Bankhar shines early and late. Feels great getting value out of the duplicate Boats, Bankhars, Riggings...

I would cut to 37 cards if I could. Don't need the DL or the Pinholes, really.

I've tried on stuff like Hush and Flux Cap but they were all superfluous. Plus, Magnet is a card.

Enjoy and remember: Sufficient skill is indistinguishable from magic.

3 May 2023 Janabenson

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4 May 2023 Diogene

Such a great idea!

Was Earthrise Hotel tried with this deck? It would feel like a good inclusion for a deck that is losing cards regularly.

Also, why was Flux Capacitor superfluous?

Thanks for sharing!

5 May 2023 Mothluin

I took the Hush vs Magnet discussion to more experienced netrunner pals, and I was told Hush always wins over Magnet.

5 May 2023 R+

@DiogeneEarthrise Hotel was NOT tried with this deck. It seems there is already a significant amount of card draw. Flux Cap and Hush just felt too cutesy. With 6 charge cards and the boat's own text it doesn't run out of fuel. Tao's text helps close out longer games. And Hush felt superfluous as there aren't really any non-sub abilities on Ice that we fear in Startup.

@Mothluin I'd love to hear your more experienced pals' take on the deck!