Hands-free Netrunner

MrAaronSA 24

Let's face it, holding cards in your hand is annoying. They're oddly shaped, cumbersome, and could give you a paper cut. By playing this deck you're doing both yourself and the corp a favor by emptying both players' hands so everyone can enjoy the game hands-free.

The game plan is simple: Utilize Wanton Destruction, Demolition Run and Kim's natural ability to relieve the Corp of those pesky cards. Deter them from drawing back up with System Outage. You'll empty your hand with Faust, primarily. Gain a click with Emptied Mind for your troubles.

Of course, you still need to draw, and it's pointless to waste your clicks drawing manually. Just trigger Wyldside after Emptied Mind to give yourself some Faust food.

It's difficult to win with the deck, but often you'll confuse your opponent enough that you'll sneak out the win before they know what's going on.