Indian Cuisine

PoodleMoth 1

Focuses on making the runner use just enough resources that they cannot contest your remote protected by Chiyashi allowing you to score and have enough money to rez the ice through Indian Union Stock Exchange and your ID ability. With Bio-Ethics Association, Hostile Infrastructure, Hokusai Grid, you can force them to go through their deck and give you money because they need to draw up. Putting Mumbad Virtual Tour on Bio-Ethics Association you can also cost the runner a lot to stop the 1 net a turn. Then score out in the Chiyashi remote and gain money back by rezzing your Vanilla, Jackson Howard, and other non-Jinteki cards with Indian Union Stock Exchange out.

17 Feb 2017 Conduit23

Gotta get that 1 x Subliminal Messaging for maximum Stock Exchange shenanigans!

17 Feb 2017 PoodleMoth

Yeah, that seems like a good idea think i'll swap Interns for a Subliminal Messaging