SC Winner - Vancouver, WA - 2/25/2017 DDOS Hayley

bluebird503 1954

Peace in our Time is bonkers.

28 Feb 2017 Koga

Oh man, I just realized how good Equivocation is in dyper.

I also like Peace in Our Time and Brahman a lot, cool includes!

1 Mar 2017 sirris

Going to 46 for a Mad Dash is brilliant. Why didn't I think of that?

3 Mar 2017 percomis

Do you miss the 3 clicks from All-nighters? I guess with Mad Dash and double Notoriety, you're basically looking for 4 points, but you have 8 clicks to find them in R&D.

4 Mar 2017 dormio

How do you beat PU? Even if you can get rid of the Bio-Ethics, the bigger problem is that Hostile Infrastructures trigger off Keyhole trashes.

6 Mar 2017 bluebird503


No I didn't really miss the All-Nighters. Often your only getting 1 or 2 extra points from the events. I have never gotten 3 extra points. I usually have more than 8 clicks to find in R&D although it varies by mup/situation. Against yellow decks I almost never install ddos first so unless you have artist colony/fan site you do need to take a click for that. Other than that you get 13 clicks and a majority of those can be on keyhole runs. Sometimes you need to play interdiction/snag an advanced agenda in a remote. If you do plan on playing noto always run HQ before running servers where you need to bounce ice so you have higher chance of sniping agenda.

@dormio HI is a problem for the IG/RP/PU matchups. You really need to just hope they don't play around Interdiction. It a terrible matchup. However I think the mup is winnable.