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phette23 2214

  • ID: MaxX
  • Big box: Creation & Control
  • Pack: Blood Money
  • One card: Maw (we informally banned Şifr, Grimoire feels silly but is probably a better choice)

C&C is a no-brainer for almost any runner because of the neutral cards, but MaxX also loves Clone Chip. Blood Money is also an obvious choice no matter your faction because of Rumor Mill, Paperclip, Temüjin Contract, & (not used here, but worth it in a lot of decks) Beth Kilrain-Chang.

With Sifr, this deck is pretty broken. It's better than some modern MWL 1.1 runner decks. I didn't tech for asset spam or kill since I thought those would be hard to pull off in the onesie format but you could do so pretty easily.

I'm not thrilled about the Codebustings and Crypsis is there just in case someone selects Lotus Field (which does look incredibly good in the onesie meta where people are incentivized to play Yogsucker breaker suites) or an annoying mythic ICE. In practice, it's been, by far, the most useless card in the deck.

Maw is pretty disruptive.& punishes open remotes.

6 Mar 2017 PureFlight

If you went with Grimoire, you could choose Black Orchestra as your single card. Then you'd drop Crypsis (and maybe even Yog) and could slot more...things, I guess. If you gained 3 slots, what would you put in do you think? Cyberfeeders?

6 Mar 2017 phette23

Not a bad idea but with only one Grimoire in core, I don't think it'd work. Virus Anarch is so MU strapped that it's too inconsistent to play one console. If I did go this route, I might choose Faust as my one card since it's more versatile than Black Orchestra. The truth is taking Lotus Field as corp is tough so maybe you just don't worry about it. @nobo was on 1x Desperado & 1x Grimoire out of Whizzard which I thought was pretty brilliant.