Elizabet Mills and 21 points

helanhalvan 36

The plan is to score 6 points and 1 public support. Then the deck have the complicated plan of making credits and razing ice. Also have some nice "tech-cards".

One Swordsman for the mono-AI decks

One Janus for people that facecheck when they shoudn't

One Predictive Algorithm, which should be something else, for Currents (like Employee Strike)

Running only 7 agendas, and the runner needs to find 3 to win, this requires a lot of accesses.

17 Mar 2017 gammanet

I would suggest Punitive Counterstrike because its pretty good at shooting people who take your precious agendas. if I had to guess you were playing witha limited card pool, but additional suggestions are: Curtain Wall, Launch Campaign(or Adonis Campaignif you wanna spare the influence) because they can be rezzed, collected, then blue-sunned to hand. Crisium Grid is a very good card that also goes nicely with off the grid. Sapper is also surprisingly strong in many matchups, and overall I find Negotiator really weak because it doesnt do much in the was of facecheck punishment. a good current is Scarcity of Resources, which also gets you the influence back. cards like Interns, Friends in High Places, and Archived Memories will get you back really strong cards.

play 3 Oversight AI it makes a lot of money in blue sun.

18 Mar 2017 helanhalvan

I do have a limited card pool, and "Predictive Algorithm" is my only current for corp, And sadly I don't have any of the cards you listed. I tried 3 Oversight AI's, but found that I don't have that much ICE that is good to oversight. Tollbooth's are a bit to easy to kill, and Bulwark generates more bad pubs.

As for Negotiator, it's mainly a cheap taxing ice. I can stick them over R&D and HQ early, and move down to Archives or something later. Did run Shadow before, but think Negotiator is better.