dah terminator

phette23 2214

For an April Fools tournament, I put at least one copy of every Terminal event, for maximum nonbo power. The terminals really have no coherent strategy when played in a deck together. I will be writing FFG a strongly worded letter.

MCA Informant was great on the day, removing a Film Critic, A-a-ron, & Kati Jones. Hard-Hitting News was similarly great & single-handedly won me a game, plus there was another game where I exchanged a Profiteering for a Future Perfect but eventually lost.

Friends was pretty bad here (Jackson, Ronin, trashed ICE are only targets) & Violet Level was terrible (never played it, discarded it, refused to shuffle it back with Preemptive). Psychokinesis was kind of fun & useful for finding Jackson, Kusanagi, or Psychic Field. Stock Buy-Back was always at least "gain 11" & suddenly turned Hard-Hitting back on in the late game.

4 Apr 2017 Murphy

Try that 3 agenda install opening one more time against me.