Andy's Dumper truck

Natron3030 10

This is my first deck I have put up on here and damn it has made its presence felt so far. True I haven't played it outside of weekly meet ups yet but the effect is insane.

Basically you are looking for Bagbiter pretty quick, then get many credits, which let's face it with temujin and bank jobs is easy. Then simply game day upto 30 odd cards, dump them all (except for levy of course) and make a mighty Severnius run on R&D. I regularly see upwards of 10 cards in one run, and with freedom it often supply gifts me the game.

Against jinteki, it is a little riskier but that's what recon drones are for.

Aaron marron and logos speed you up if you are struggling to find key pieces.

If temujin goes on the mwl I will include two, losing the peace in our time to make room, and then probably chuck inside jobs in for cheeky remote views.

Enjoy....especially the look on your opponents face when they say...."how many accesses?!"

11 Apr 2017 Tolaasin

Can you fit in Makers Eye?

11 Apr 2017 Tolaasin

ah no - a nonbo with severius.

12 Apr 2017 Krasty

Must be sad to see Marcus or Caprice on R&D (and ICE with "end the run" subroutine). What about to slot some Councilman and/or PolOp?

12 Apr 2017 Natron3030

Honestly that hasn't happened as of yet and as such I totally forgot about them... Since Rumour mill hit I haven't really seen any used very often. Good shout though, poss a single councilman in there. The only superfluous card I can think of is either a fall guy or a SOT Thanks though!

12 Apr 2017 Krasty

@Natron3030: imho Fall Guy is useless here, SOT is good to play Game Day repeatedly. Next thought about this deck is to deal with (just only rezzed) Mother on R&D (specially against CI decks). Maybe Tracker will do job? Maybe not. Dont know exactly, cause its nonbo with Severnius ... and last thing is "how to deal with glacier decks?" (with closed all servers). I think Kati Jones fits here pretty well...

At all -> I really love Theo on Game Day since it was played in W√ľnderkind`s decks ... so I think I need to try this, it looks so funny! Thanks for inspiration! :o)