Everything is Mawsome! (1st Leuven, Belgium SC - MWL 1.2)

clercqie 303

... at least if you don't turn over cards you trash from HQ. That may have happened a couple of times, for which I'm sorry.

With the new MWL, Glacier is back and Friends in High Places should be the main card to watch out for. Temuïjin Whizz with Slums and Whizzard's recurring credits still looks super strong in this field. In a vacuum, Grimoire looks to be the console to slot, but I wanted to have some fun and try out Maw. And boy am I glad that I did! In a more or less rushy Corp field at the SC, Maw allowed me to slow down the game in order to assemble my rig and start to control the remote. After a Vamp landing, then usually you can keep the Corp in a headlock, disassemble their board and finish with Medium.

Aaron is still as busted as ever. I've not used Interdiction or Net-ready Eyes at all during the tournament. 46 cards cause yolo, but probably the Interdiction can go.

10 people attended, 4 rounds of Swiss into a top 4 single elimination cut, due to time constraints. Played against Palana Rigshooter (win), Mushin spam Biotech (win), Titan FA/rush (loss), Jammy HB (win) and NEXT Design rush (win), going 4-1 overall.

16 Apr 2017 codychilton13

Post-new MWL I really think if you're gonna play whizzard it's gotta be something like this deck! Maw is gonna be a HUGE deal against glacier!

17 Apr 2017 percomis

What do you think about that Net-Ready Eyes being a 2nd Aaron instead?

18 Apr 2017 clercqie

Yeah, definitely a solid pick. I played 2 Aaron before the new MWL as well.

The reason for NRE is Lotus Field. But also getting through Fairchild 3 fairly easily. So it depends on your meta. Both cards warrant further testing.

18 Apr 2017 Elodius

gratz !

18 Apr 2017 Cluster Fox

Just remember not to reveal your Mawdraws ;)

18 Apr 2017 clercqie

@Cluster Fox Yes, this happened two times and I'm sorry for this.

Luckily, none of the revealed cards were agendas, and in each of the cases I had a spare click left. We resolved it so that I used that spare click to run HQ (paying all costs) and access the already revealed card. Obviously, we ignored Maw's effect in those cases.

If any of the cards were agendas, I would've accepted a gameloss without question.

18 Apr 2017 Cluster Fox

No worries buddy! It was an SC (casual) so we were cool with it. Tbh, I made the same error in The Hague with Hacktivist :P But come regionals I think it's something to watch out for regardless. Congrats again! :)

18 Apr 2017 nungunz

I have been playing this a lot and I'm not sure on Kati and NRE is a meta call. Interdiction is beautiful.

I think some extra card draw is sorely needed here.

I might try something like: -1 Hotel -1 Kati, -1 Entrance -1 NRE, +1 Aaron, +2 Inject. Also gets me down to 45 cards.

19 Apr 2017 MrBuggles

I really don't think vamp is reliable without Kati - especially without the full 3 liberated. Agree with NRE being a meta call though, to be honest I rarely feel like I need it, even against foodcoats. I would always drop it for the second Aaron unless your meta is full of lotus field

19 Apr 2017 clercqie

Yeah Kati is definitely needed.

Making an Entrance is a pet card that did its work during my last couple of tournaments. I like it over Inject, because it digs a couple of cards deeper and it allows you to arrange Peddlers in a pinch and save your recursion for Vamp and Parasite. If you want to change it to Inject, be my guest. :-)

19 Apr 2017 MrBuggles

I swing back and forth on making an entrance and inject. MaE feels amazing sometimes, but also terrible when you don't see the card you want in those six and have a choice of leaving them and drawing them manually, or binning other useful cards (often econ). I honestly don't know how to choose half the time

19 Apr 2017 Namepls

I kind of like the idea of dropping NRE and a Yog.0 for a 3rd Temüjin Contract and leaving the deck at 45 cards.

8 May 2017 ncaron

In the Skorpio era I'd be tempted to slot a Film Critic in to avoid Hunter Seeker.

20 May 2017 Cyberzack

I think your deck is really well placed vs the new estelle moon style e.t.f. spam decks. Any thoughts on how to improve the foodcoats/palana matchup without hurting the spam alignment?

20 May 2017 clercqie

Thanks! I've yet to try it against the ETF Spam, but I agree / hope it should be able to put up a fight. I've been playing Mooninites myself though and I agree the hardest matchups are (again) Slums, recurring credits and trashing of cards out of hand via Maw or Hacktivist.

This deck was originally conceived as a good flexible solution against what I thought would be the new Glacier meta. Hence inclusion of Ice Carver and Net-Ready Eyes. Don't underestimate the power of the breaker suite and Vamp against ICE-heavy decks. Also, if you are having trouble against Glacier, I personally really like pressuring HQ via Maw and Whizz-bucks. If they overextend on protecting HQ, then it's the time to focus your attention on RnD via Medium. I don't think this list necesarily needs more tech against Glacier per se.