The sacrifice of a hand

AppleBerry 291

Ok I kinda like Severnius, is it good probably not but can it be a little interesting, I really hope so.

The basic plan of this deck is to turn a constant cycle of cards into accesses, and as such is built around Severnius Stim Implant and Wyldside.

Emptied Mind as a reward for going all in but isn't too necessary for the game plan.

Guru Davinder just in case of something coming after you.

It really is a silly deck made to be interesting and a bit (very) diffrerent and playing without a hand can be nice and relaxing. I sometimes forget where I put my cards but no more (ok, sometimes).

I am hoping that there are more cards coming out that support this style and update it if and when they come around. I enjoyed this deck and hope you do too. Feed back welcome