Apocalypse Whizz still has it - (1st place GNK 11 players)

Necro 190

Does Whizzard still have it after MWL 1.2? He certainly does.

orange apocalypse
Ravaged by the newest most wanted list, the skies burn with the Orange Apocalypse!

This is a deck inspired by Angery Anarch decks by TR1S. My special sauce to the mix is Apocalyse which was an awesome addition. Temüjin Whizzard and Faust Dumbefork were hit hard by the MWL 1.2, so this seemed like a good alternative. Eater and the "conpriracy" breakers still do wonders.

Ze Game Plan

  • Mulligan for initial burst economy (Sure Gamble, Dirty Laundry, Liberated Accounts). Eater and Account Siphon is also nice.
  • Early and repeated Account Siphon. Some players might leave HQ unprotected, punish them. If not, get enough credits for Eater and to get through HQ and start Siphon-spamming. Draw throughout the game to get this going via Same Old Things and Déjà Vus
  • Midgame Apocalypse. Probably they will not see it coming. I suggest starting off by Account Siphon to QA, so the corp will burn credits for rezzing and lose some more to Siphon. From here R&D should be easier. Stroll into Archives and Apocalypse for giggles.
  • Lategame Keyhole aggression. Hit hard with Keyhole, spice it up with even more siphons. Mad Dash when you are getting the agendas from Archives. You can whip out the conspiracy breakers if needed. You can start Keyhole runs midgame as well, just make sure you have some leftover Keyhole and Eater in your hand or you can recur them somehow (Retrival Run, Déjà Vu) after the Apocalypse.

Additional advice

Keep Apocalypse and Mad Dash in your hand, don't throw them away. Keep drawing throughout the game to maintain pressure. Conspiracy breakers usually stay in the heap until endgame. Be sure to have a spare Eater and Keyhole after Apocalypse goes off. Remember, you can trash your facedown cards to Fairchild ICE. (HB is extremely popular these days)

Spare parts, things to change

Street Peddler was not ideal in this deck. You might leave it out or change it to Making an Entrance. Also it's totally meta-dependent, but i did not use Hacktivist Meeting and D4v1d. Squeezing in an Employee Strike might be a good idea. For additional HQ pressure try Wanton Destruction.

Final thoughts

Everything went extremely well. This deck did 4-0 (1 timed win) against HB:EtF, CI and Palana corps. Shout out to the guy who lost an agenda to a Hasty Relocation burn and it has cost him the match. So luck was also on my side. My corp was totally netdecked: Tasty Cornish Hasty by knails, which went 3-1 (Vamp hurts)

Shameless self-promotion

By the way, I have written a 2-part article on the History of Anarch, which might interest you. Also hugs and kisses if you use AlwaysBeRunning.net.

22 Apr 2017 k.art

Do you use your Peddlers at all before finding the Apocalypse?

22 Apr 2017 Necro

The Peddlers' main job is to rush out an Eater. A surprise breaker or parasite can do wonders. Anyways I see your point, Peddlers are not the most important in the deck, you can cut them. There is a certain point in a game where you no longer need them and you don't want your valuable events trashed by them. Maybe I will try Making an Entrance instead.

23 Apr 2017 romakarol

obelus seems to go well with your tag-me plan and draw plan, are you certain vigil is the right choice here?

23 Apr 2017 Necro

I usually break with Eater, I do Siphon or Keyhole runs. There are no accessed cards over HQ and R&D. The conspiracy breakers are there for occasional pressure on score server (you hopefully destroy that with Apocalypse) and if you suspect HQ is flooded agendas. Vigil also draws, has synergy with Siphon and it's cheap. (This is not the Hate Bear build which had Obelus. That had Faust as well.)

23 Apr 2017 knails

I've been enjoying keyhole/dash decks. If you're looking for a hasty CI with more protection from vamp/siphon check my latest list out :)

23 Apr 2017 TR1S

@Necro congrats on the win. Apoc as an extra bit of spice is a nice include and shores up what has become this archetype's weakest parts of any match - running out of steam in the late game. I am going to give this shell a run out in Null (with a few tweaks) to see how it goes - not sure Whizz is in the right place right now.

23 Apr 2017 Necro

@TR1S: Thx. Whizzard is a meta-choice. HB is really popular, he's good against it. NBN asset spam is still real. In order for the concept to work, you have to destroy the opponent's economy. This is where Whizzard shines (unless it's Palana). You gotta eliminate the sex-bots, PAD campaigns, etc. If your meta is not right, switch him out. I think I would rather try Omar for more pressure. But whatever floats your boat :)

23 Apr 2017 partialcharge

I just took this out for a spin, and on turn 3 I had a hilarious but also frustrating disaster. Installed Street Peddler click one: econ event, plascrete (useless in the match), peddler. OK, get the next peddler: econ event, deja vu, peddler. Ugh, fine, show me the next peddler: econ even, econ event...


Yup. I chained 3 straight peddlers through events (that I really needed!) and a card I didn't want to install for that matchup into the full peddler fail state with my most important card. Feels bad, man.


23 Apr 2017 Necro

@partialcharge: Yeah, I know. Change Peddlers to Making an Entrance as mentioned above.

23 Apr 2017 partialcharge

Sure, just thought that might be tragicomic enough to share. ;D

23 Apr 2017 TR1S

@Necro Omar definitely doesn't work as you don't have the influence. Idk, I think that Null gives you a few options as you can insta-parasite things which can be extremely handy - this was one of the main advantages of the Sifr-Street Peddlar combo. Certainly in a meta where Crisiums are everywhere, this seems more important than controlling the economic game (which the Angery decks were never actually very good at anyway unless you landed the Siphon turn 1). You typically used Siphon to fuel your own Keyhole runs rather than keep the corp in the dirt. Some of the hardest match-ups were against Rushy HB or NEH as they went poor early and you could never use them to fuel your own economy.

All of that said, I think there is a more fundamental problem - by cutting the Wanton Destructions, you have taken out the only form of HQ pressure in the deck. Certainly in testing your build out, that is what I missed the most. I'd go so far as to say you can cut a Mad Dash and a D4 for it. You really don't need either to win.

24 Apr 2017 Necro

Thx for the suggestions, noted. I updated the description with things discussed above. Wanton Destruction is a bit anti-combo with Vigil.. I will try it out anyways.

24 Apr 2017 TR1S

@Necro I have cut the Vigil for Obelus. I am not sure that the card draw is that useful (most good players will switch to 4 cards in hand anyway) and Obelus gives you meat damage protection which is super important in matchups like Sync.

24 Apr 2017 Krasty

really nice deck! After new MWL was releassed, I`m working on some similar, just with Siphon, but a lot of same thougts! Apoc here sounds sooo funny! ;o)

Btw did it ever happend to you if you "apoced" (turned down) some of yours "conpriracy" breakers? How you deal with it?

25 Apr 2017 Necro

@KrastyConspiracy breakers are for the late game, I suggest playing them only after the Apocalypse. Their main function is to get through the ICE of Archives and stealing the agendas. You might want to use them to contest the scoring, but the better plan is to destroy it with Apocalypse. Maybe you have to scrub some HB sexbots to deny the corp its economy, but then there will be probably Fairchild ICE laying around where you can sacrifice facedown cards.