Los' in Translation

DarthIA 87

Lost in Translation frame

You know, Khan, even though I cannot speak Mongolian, I can make a better use of you birds and stuff than you... - Los

I was really eager to try this guy out, especially after seeing the Deck of the Week version that appeared here a while ago, but then MWL 1.2 came out and ruined everything ;-P

Additionally, we wanted to feature a Los: Data Hijacker deck in our Spanish podcast salmorejoinc.com, so we needed to update this deck to enforce the new incarnation of the MWL.

So here it is! Since I wanted to try the deck in a post-MWL-1.2 environment, I tried to change the bare minimum. Thus, I cut a Special Order to keep the numbers in the proper range (I know I'm a little obsessed ;) and changed the console to The Gauntlet, mainly because of the +2 at an affordable price, though the ability is also nice.

Overall the deck is fun to play and it really works. Kudos to @amavric for the original list. I'll keep on tweaking this deck with some of the changes we discussed in our group (maybe London Library and Desperado)


Esta es la baraja sobre la que hablamos en el PUPDC #17.