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"They're coming! They're coming!" - Melanie Daniels

This was my first attempt at a Los: Data Hijacker deck, and I'm happy to report that this sort of archetype was not only more effective than I would have imagined, but also a good deal of fun. The ability to derez ICE on command can cause substantial shifts in credit pools, and Los can easily put the corp in some very unfavourable positions.

Generally, corps will feel comfortable once they have their ICE rezzed, but Los and his cast of falcons flips that concept on its head. While derezzing ICE effects have often been reserved for only the beefiest of corp defences, Los' ability makes it profitable to derez most anything. Corps tend to get a bit uncomfortable once they're spending six to nine credits on a single Enigma.

Game Plan

The basic game plan is to get your Compromised Employees and Ice Analyzers online as soon as possible. With the full suite out, the first ICE rezzed each turn gains Los a whopping eight credits (even gaining four credits in the early game is nothing to scoff at). This sort of money makes the rather expensive falcon suite palatable, as you can often find a return on your investment while demanding the corp to repay for their protection, all while ensuring your ID ability remains relevant. Sahasraras do good work in helping bring the falcons back out, as do the Ice Analyzers. Weave in some derez events with Account Siphons, and Los' profitable running and potential for power-turns begins to feel like a combination of Geist and a more aggressive Leela Patel. Forged Activation Orders is particularly wonderful, acting as both a straight economy card and an ICE destruction, if you can keep the corp on low credits.

This deck is running a more 'standard' Criminal breaker suite alongside the falcons, as they are the preferred breaking option until you can secure a comfortable economy. It's often best to Special Order for an early Passport or Mongoose and start facechecking to rake in your Los credits, and land an early Siphon or two.

The Future

There's much tuning to still be done here! We're not even using all of our influence. I'm leaning towards slotting in a Multithreader, as we can install it for cheap and it should help with some of the more pricey break costs. I do worry about MU, but it so far hasn't proven to be a problem. Scrubber is also up for consideration, as this deck isn't stellar against heavy asset strategies, as could be the addition of more event recursion. I also haven't yet looked into trying out Savoir-faire or Autoscripter, and while I remain a bit skeptical, they could definitely be fun.

I highly recommend checking out Los, as making money for making runs is one of the best Criminal experiences in this game. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think!

Here's a video of it doing its thing. Enjoy!

30 Mar 2017 h0bb35

Oh my, what a focused deck :)

30 Mar 2017 KefKef

Hey, what do you think about adding Keyhole instead of Sahasrara. That mixed with The Turning Wheel (and maybe Mad Dash?) would make a nice R&D/Archive lock down.

30 Mar 2017 Namepls

I've been playing with 2x Saker and one less The Turning Wheel, using the influence for 2x Xanadu. Much fun.

30 Mar 2017 CodeMarvelous

How is it doing @amavric?

30 Mar 2017 stoppableforce


30 Mar 2017 Benjen

I've been wondering if I could just import my old Khan deck into Los. You seem to have done just that. Curious how it is working. I'll check out the video today.

30 Mar 2017 Nick!

Love the deck! Sahasrara does a lot of work, along with Ice Analyzer, in reinstalling the bird breakers for a discount or free. Managed to win out versus HB in a 22 turn game, only unloading 1 Temujin. Los' passive, gain 2 ability, is quite strong. Find myself with more opportunities to have Los' ability fire than Gabe's. Can't wait to see the help Los gets in future packs.

30 Mar 2017 Feed

Any reason you're running Sahasrara over London Library?

31 Mar 2017 LynxMegaCorp

@Feed as a London Library player, I'm certain its because they are worried about the trash aspect and are not running Autoscripter.

1 Apr 2017 ANRguybrush

46 cards and 14 influence...hnngggggg

1 Apr 2017 dawspawn

I'm trying to do something with this deck idea and Off-Campus Apartment. It has a nice set of connections already, and I'm adding Scrubber, 2x Masanori instead of 3x earthrise, and a single Hernando Cortez. Might have to change the breaker suite a bit, but overall it's been fun!

1 Apr 2017 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

gratz on ur decklist of the week; i fucking knew it, when i saw the list in action on ur channel^^

1 Apr 2017 Swekyde

Congrats on the feature Andre

3 Apr 2017 silenus

Muertos Gang Member might be neat.

3 Apr 2017 TheTim

This looked great fun to play, on your channel. What does it look like when things go wrong?

3 Apr 2017 amavric

Apologies for not responding sooner!

@KefKefSahasrara is pretty fundamental to this deck, as you often re-install your falcon breakers over and over again. I'd sooner cut the Ice Analyzers. It also makes installing your rig a bit clumsy, as Keyhole is heavy on the MU, and you'll need to have your Şifr down first.

@Namepls Xanadu is definitely cute! If your going for that angle, you might want to include Same Old Things to recur your Account Siphons or Emergency Shutdowns.

@CodeMarvelous It's been a heck of a lot of fun! Similarly to a lot of Geist builds, you struggle to deal with early game assets unless you mulligan aggressively for Temüjin Contract. Once you have your econ engine going, similarly to Geist you have a strong late game setup, but one that plays more towards the economic denial angle. This list is by no means perfect (I'm currently testing out Medium, dropping one or two Analyzers, and adding a lategame Autoscripter), but the early aggression is very satisfying. It also has issues with Crisium Grid as nearly one-fifth of the cards in the deck care about HQ runs. It's surprisingly good even against decks with cheap ICE, as derezzing a Meru Mati is good tempo for you when you're fully set up.

@stoppableforce caw caw caw caw

3 Apr 2017 amavric

@Benjen With the extra influence (albeit a bigger decksize), and a single Autoscripter, I don't currently see a reason to play Khan. Los currently pulls off the falcon plan more elegantly, while also getting value from his ability as soon as turn one.

@MakersEyebrow I think the 3-of Ice Analyzer might actually be overkill, but come mid-game, you're not paying for breakers any more. As long as you are running some amount of de-rez effects (the falcons are a really easy way to do that), I think you'll easily get more value from Los than you would from Gabe, while also not telegraphing your somewhat narrow gameplan.

@Feed I haven't fully tested London Library, but I enjoy the freedom Sahasrara allows. While the Library does work with Autoscripter, it seems a bit clumsy to need to reinstall everything on every turn you want to run. Holding the falcons in hand is also not the best idea against net damage decks, which are pretty common nowadays.

@guy.brush It's still surprisingly reliable for how unoptimized it is! I'll be continually tuning this.

@dawspawn Just wait for Keros McIntyre to roll around! Do you get a lot of value from Hernando? He seems to be a bit antisynergistic if you're often forcing de-and-re-rezzes.

3 Apr 2017 amavric

@1337J4NK5P4MM3R @Swekyde Thanks so much!

@silenus I have quite the sweet spot for that card, but with the quantity of cheap ICE and cheap assets floating around, it's really hard to get any value from Muertos Gang Member.

@TheTim If run into two big issues so far - early assets, and Crisium Grid. Turn one, if CtM installs a Sensie, and heaven forbid another asset, you might be out of luck entirely. Just mulligan aggressively for Temüjin Contract, or hope they don't have Hard-Hitting News. NEXT Silver is also rough, in classic Criminal fashion, and if any HB deck is running NEXT alongside Crisium and Friends in High Places, you're going to have a pretty bad time. I think those are the worst case scenarios, and you can definitely tune around them. Bank Job, Security Testing or Scrubber might go along a way, and you could easily flip the Paperclip for a GS Sherman M3 to deal with those Silvers.

4 Apr 2017 dawspawn

@amavric I've quite enjoyed Hernando so far. What he's really useful for is after a Hostile Takeover or a Restructure, for bringing the Corp back down to your level.

Highlight so far was when Palana had 10 credits and Hernando prevented a rez of a DNA Tracker, which is pretty good.

4 Apr 2017 hotelfoxtrot

I've been playing the list as above -1 exploit, +1 Multithreader, and it's been a lot of fun. Exploit is an awesome card in theory, but I've never actually played it in a game, which tells me it might not be worth the deckslot. Multithreader on the other hand does a tonne of work - excellent value. Mind you this means there's no room for a medium, but i haven't missed that too much yet.

Anyway, well done @amavric, this a super fun and creative deck - which, as a big fan of your channel, I think can be said for a lot of your home brews. Keep up the good work, you're great for the game!

10 Apr 2017 Bcorwin

I added two same old things instead of 1 special offer and exploit, it adds more options to the deck in my opinion, but I am a pretty new to the game

14 Apr 2017 Oldem

Have you considered replacing Sahasrara with Chatterjee University ? Seems Chatterjee would do a great job at reinstalling the birds once loaded with 4-5 tokens, plus it would free some MU for, say, Crescentus ?

What do you think ?

16 Apr 2017 Cyrax

Firstly love your channel.

Have you looked at how to change this for the new most wanted? I take it you will drop Sifr? Would Desperado give you enough MU?