Reports of Death Overstated (9-3, 2nd EACC)

YsengrinSC 585

The report of my death was an exaggeration

I was convinced this deck was dead between losing Cyberdex Sandbox, Advanced Assembly Lines, HB getting 0 new cards in Midnight Sun, and Endurance making scoring behind small ICE servers worse.

And yet this deck absolutely carried me. The cannonical Snarebear list was

-1 Void, -2 RLC, -1 Hagen, -1 NGO

+1 Spin Doctor, +1 Border Control, +1 NEXT Activation Command, +2 Nico Campaigns.

Those changes make the economy a bit more reliable and the ICE a bit better. But I was never able to take a game off them with that list in testing, so I went back to a style I was more comfortable with. In the finals you can see how my choices got taken apart. But the Void threat did a ton of work for me on the day, including in the Lower Bracket finals where I was able to bluff a Tranquility Home Grid as the 1x Void to mean that my remote never got challenged.

I covered my games in a bit of depth here:

7 Sep 2022 aunthemod

How was the Mavirus vs the 3rd Spin for you?

7 Sep 2022 YsengrinSC

I think the Mavirus was one of the less performant cards on the day. However it did a ton of work as a bluff in the remote as both an asset and an upgrade. I never felt like I really needed the Spin, though mostly because I was usually ahead of the Stargate rushes (except the final). It should also in theory help with the Hoshipko matchup, but it’s definitely more for Aumakua which I never saw.