Android Data Analysis Machine

Seriousigg 96

125th place at the European Championships 2017.

I had a panic a few days before the tournament and decided to play something fun rather the good stuff Andy decks that I was still struggling to get a grip on. No. Regrets. I had a lot of fun and played a wide range of decks on Day 1 going 3-2. My corp let me down a little and I didn't manage Day 2.

Round 1 vs Industrial Genomics: Had an absolutely nightmare with nerves and played the worst I have done in a long, long time. It is also a terrible match up as Adam doesn't really want to run Safety First, Always Be Running or Neutralise All Threats. I trash a Chairman Hiro forgetting the IG tax then go all in on Deep Data Mining with 1 card in hand after seeing a House of Knives on top of R&D. They pop Moon and the first of 5 cards I see is a Fetal AI. Why didn't I at least draw?! So much misplay :-). My opponent gave me a cool alt-art Adam and ended up making Top 16 so I didn't feel so bad later.

Round 2 vs Sync kill: This should be a good match up for me as NACH does the defence against tags much better than Aaron Marron becoming an MCA Informant. It can even be blanked with Dr Lovegood to stop it being trashed your turn. Stupidly I run Archives for Temujin and pick up a 15 Minutes. Whoops! I get hugely tagged after 24/7, Closed Accounts and Hard Hitting News. Luckily I'm able to get to 7 points with a blind Mad Dash into HQ which must be starting to flood.

Round 3 vs ETF Moonspam: Not a great match but then what is unless you pack an incredibly amount of hate. It's not a compete loss though as the extra HQ pressure with Neutralise All Threats helps as they can flood early to mid game. You need to catch them there or with Deep Data Mining before things get out of control. I get to 6 points but they biotic out for the win.

Round 4 vs CI combo: The match up I was hoping for all tournament. I ditch the usual starting directives and swap in Always Be Running for Safety First for the HQ pressure. I run HQ first click every turn and usually second, third and fourth if Find the Truth says there is nothing good on top of R&D. I mine deeply to see four extra cards below Elective Upgrades but just get the 3 points. I keep running HQ and eventually see 2 agendas in one turn after missing previously to win without installing a single card.

Round 5 vs Potential Unleashed My opponent tries to rush an early House of Knives behind of ice and I play a turn 1 Always Be Running and steal it. I run HQ with Temujin and eventually pick up a Fetal AI but they are starting to put some annoying ice like DNA Tracker in place. After a while trying to set up with my massive hand size I check Archives expecting to see some Shocks. I'm half right and lose one card to net damage but also see two The Future Perfects. Let's assume that I tactically lose both Psi games then Mad Dash into Archives the following turn to win a Psi game and jump straight to 7 points. Yeah, that's definitely what happened...

I had a lot of fun playing Adam. The look on people's faces when Find the Truth shows them Deep Data Mining and they look at their R&D ice is priceless. I did not miss Aaron Marron as much as I thought I would. Playing 1 is pointless and the influence is way too tight to play 2. Dean Lister didn't do as much as I had hoped even after going down to 1 copy from my previous drafts. Ultimately it's just a money card but it's a nice addition for a surprise against glacier decks.

7 Jun 2017 PureFlight

Any changes you'd make? Seems like you could drop Peace in Our Time for a Hostage or maybe PolOp/Employee Strike.

8 Jun 2017 Seriousigg

I found Peace in Our Time quite useful. Adam wants to score early to bump up his hand size and without Always Be Running the extra money to set up quickly is probably more useful to the runner than the corp.

That said I would like a current in this deck to counter Enhanced Login Protocol and Employee Strike is the most useful for other match ups although there is one or two other neutral options. Political Operative would also be nice but again you may have to go for the influence free option of Councilman. Finding the slots is tricky though.