DoubleD 193 on Euros 2017

5N00P1 644

The Deck

More or less standard Smoke.
Uses Blackstone and you might pump it with NRE or Personal Touch. NRE is nice as it let's you boost the other breakers too if required.
Included Clot against Fast Advance.

This might lead to runs like:
* Run Archives
* Use NRE to boost Refractor
* Take stealth from Smoke
* Put 1 cred on Net Mercure
* successfull Run for Temüjin
* 1 Cred from Desperado
This enables future stealth Runs and even without Desperado makes sense sometimes you can do such runs on HQ or R&D...

The Tournament

Was winning 3 of 5 games, my corp was loosing everything....
* CI scoring in Remote, really unlucky draw, could have won otherwise
* HB EtF, nothing to say, was on Next
* Palana
* NBN Making News, was really afraid, but was OK
* Jinteki PU, my first PU match doing some mistakes...

Was really happy with this deck, from my point of view, it's to efficient....