Pro Go Decimation (London Regional King of Swiss)

MrEhjiwurth 1565

Take a seat. You're late but don't worry we'll get you up to speed. Welcome to the How to blindside the corp at their weakest. Here you'll completely shatter their overconfidence by hitting their RnD with such volidity, the deck would have to be bolted down to stop it flying at the wall.

What is this madness you ask?

So this is my old school Pro Go Assault deck I've been playing for ages. Constantly adapting and changing it doesn't contain too much insanity to what you'd expect from it prior to the MWL.

Cacheshop: Aesop's is my main man. My husbando, who instead of buying me tons of gifts will buy things from me no matter what tat I offer him whether it's an empty Cache, nearly depleted Daily Casts or when I'm feeling risky Beth Kilrain-Chang. Though seriously how does he sell her? It's rather dark if you think too much. Anyways it's a solid and favourite econ of mine. Installing multiple Cache with Hayley is a great feeling and boosts the econ of Technical Writer who you can also sell or use depending how late you get them.

Şifr: Yes I've reached into the bowels of hell. My hand is just bone after making a deal with the devil and low and behold it's Şifr. In shaper with Artist Colony, Fan Site you can absolutely run this one copy. Even in hand you can fan site another hardware and install because shaper bullshit. It's great with an Atman 0 as well as our cheap breaker suite and of course Parasite. Doing this on RnD with one ice can be devastating to the corp and you can dig so hard with Equivocation and R&D Interface. it's a brutal bread and butter which you'll be spreading over their trampled posterior. Use it and abuse it because it wins games.


Round 1 Moons ETF As suspected the Moon decks were ripe and fresh filled in the's not my favourite matchup but it's something I can manage. With clot recursion and film critic I can stop a lot of their nonsense and pummel RnD in the process. This game I ran with just equivocation early as he scored and luckily stole 6 points with a "Freedom Through Equality" taking the game right from under him.

Round 2 Blue Sun This was new to me to see a Blue Sun in this climate. Glacier has been returning but still I felt Blue Sun wasn't quite ready to return. This game he was running a rush style with Chiyashis and other big ICE mixed with smaller gearchecks. I managed to halt his Caprice nonsense and like last game I killed his RnD ICE and rushed his server stealing agenda after agenda for a nice consistent win.

Round 3 Moons the Sequel Ciaran's Moon was up next and yes I'm talking about his deck you dirty reader. I spent most of my time setting up with Professional Contacts. He installed a bunch of remotes in one turn which I checked stealing a naked Vitruvius from him in the process. Later on he rushed up to 5 points. Being the shaper madman I am I install all my RnD interfaces, Sifr and clone chip with Fan sites. Rush RnD with a full rig and steal 6 points after trashing assets from the deck.

Cut Round 2 Blue Sun Returns Okay so the same person I played in Round 2 crops up and we play again but this time he comes with some vigor. Before I could even blink he had already snatched 4 points from under me and RnD was not being very forthcoming. He has his Caprice up and I run it four times and lose every game letting him score the Global Food. A sad turn of events for what I felt was a game in my favour but thats Netrunner sometimes.

Cut Round 4 CI The matchup I dread the most. CI is always a swing or miss game. I have plenty of Clot recursion and that was evident in this game as I made him purge again and again. Running out of options I artist colony a Same Old Thing to play Levy AR Lab Access from my heap and pray for a construct or something but sadly my draw was terrible. He has one card in RnD but I just couldn't get in to mill it with Equivocation and he barely snags it. It was a tough but enjoyable game I felt could've gone either way.

That's it for Hayley. I still love this deck and it's always been my stable deck. Nice and simple to play with a strong suite I wish however I could throw in some HQ pressure and maybe space for an interdiction of Political Operative. Any suggestions please feel free to comment.

26 Jun 2017 Okkdoko

I was the guy playing Blue Sun, and this deck was an absolute nightmare. Seeing my Chiyashi's suddenly melt away due to some next level shaper bullshit probably made me a bit salty, so apologies for that. My only hope in the 2nd game was to leave all centrals open and rush asap behind 1 piece of ICE, and then get lucky by winning a bunch of psi games. Definitely felt like I dodged a bullet there.

This deck was a painful reminder of how broken sifr is against anything that depends on ICE to score.

6 Aug 2017 NoahTheDuke

You noted that "Freedom Through Equality" scored you a game win, but what do you think of Employee Strike as an alternate current? A lot of Hayley decks run 2x EStrike. What's your experience been between the two?